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  1. The site you linked states: We can’t help with complaints against another person’s insurance company. For instance, we probably won’t be able to help you if you’re in an accident and the other driver’s insurance company won’t accept liability.
  2. Allstate sent me a check for $500, half of their estimate of $1000 in damage. My body shop said at least 3500 and probably a lot more once they started taking off parts and digging in. And frannkly, 3500 damage on a Lexus is a pittance. My neck's been killing me lately, but doubt I can prove its linked to an accident three months ago.
  3. Not bad. He was in a big ford truck. I was in a Lexus hybrid
  4. What lawyer is going to take the case for a percentage of $5000? eta good lawyer
  5. We hit each other. But he failed to yield right of way, so potato potato
  6. Can I ask for more than actual damages? Can the judge assess punative damages?
  7. I have no recourse with my insurance company. I only have bare-bones liabilty on this car.
  8. I got broad-sided while on my motorcycle when I was 18 and again every five or ten years I guess. So 6-10? No idea. I used to drive at least 20k/yr.
  9. yes and yes. If it ever happens again I will call the cops and/or scour the area for witnesses (unless its my fault).
  10. I was hoping for more claity. I wish I had been hurt (minor) and called the cops.
  11. The other driver's liability company. I have State Farm, but no collision coverage.
  12. A driver came across the road from a side street onto the boulevard I was driving on. He had a stop sign and stopped. But then went on out into the intersection like I was not there and hit me. He acknowledged fault at the scene and a few weeks later when I contacted him and told him that State Farm told me I was 50% at fault and that's all they will pay. I called the driver who hit me and he recounted the accident exactly as I wrote above. I called State Farm and they said to send pics of the intersection and they will correct it. I called again yesterday and after a lot of complaining I was sent to the Liability department. I called them and after waiting for 20 minutes, I was put on hold 10 minutes while she went over the case. When she returned, she said the best she could do was only make me pay 25%. She said that was absolutely as high as she could go and if I did not like I would need to use my insurance agent to file a dispute for arbitration. First of all, I only have liability, so my Insurance is not involved in this. Secondly, and more importantly, I am under no obligation to go to there arbitration, and I think I would have a much better chance in small claims court. We are talking less than $5000. I really doubt they want to spend the resources to come defend themselves in SC Court (small claims, not Supreme court), I also think I would win. He did not yield right away and pulled in front of me on a boulevard where I was going 40 mph on a clear, sunny day, with light traffic. I think I would win easily. But I would be fine if they just agreed to pay liek every other liability claim I ever filed when someone hit me. This has already caused me way more than 5k of stress, but now I want their blood. If I did go to small claims, is it possible to be awarded more than actual damages? @-fish- if you aren't permabanned or haven't gotten rid of the COVIDs. If so @Leeroy Jenkins or someone else.
  13. Thankd for the invite. Cannot paticipate now, but keep me in mind for the future
  14. I'm Glad you're an attorney, you probably kill people if you were a bartender.
  15. Sorry to hear about all this fish. But on the other hand if you were still married, your wife might have wanted to see KU in March madness. So she might have ordered a free day three free trial and promise to turn it off the next day when Kansas got booted. But maybe she didn't do that and today you would have found out you had paid over $500 for YouTube premium or whatever the #### for the past 6 months without ever watching it once except for The first day of the 3-day free trial.blockquote widgetblockquote widgetblockquote widget
  16. The exit was destined to be a disaster. We've been preparing it for 20 years and it always would have been a disaster, it was just pushed back at the cost of additional lives and treasure every day we stayed. Another might have done it better or worse by a matter of a few degrees, but it was an untennable unsustainable military exercise that every nation that ever tried it could have told us would end in a cluster.
  17. If asking everyone to get vaccinated is politicizing. then yes.
  18. Interesting. I can't help but think the whole WMD thing and getting us into the eternal Afganistan conflict in some part helped get Obama elected. Curious to see what direction we choose to go in the aftermath of unwinding the occupation.
  19. He is not why we were there in the first place. There never was and never will be a good time to leave. If only history had warned us about such endeavors.
  20. I blame Bush for all of this He got us into this unwinnable mess based on fraudulent claims
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