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  1. Same. Don't really feel it is the color, but more the liberal/conservative viewpoint that the media pushes a lot of the times. Just because they might overlap at times (immigration, affirmative action, etc.) doesn't mean it is anti-white, more of an anti-conservative slant.
  2. Don't know, never asked. I could guess, but that is all it would be.
  3. Just had that thought as I have a good friend that feels a lot like you do, so he waited for the J&J to be available in central Arkansas
  4. So not wanting to take Mrna one I can understand, I had the Pfizer so obviously I disagree, but can see the logic. So wouldn't the J&J one work for you then if newer technology is what worries you?
  5. So did McConnell, but I think you would have a different opinion of how amazing he is. I agree with Rock on her and add that that I think they are both the worst of what we send to Washington.
  6. You guys do realize that MOP just fishes in these threads, even he doesn't believe the BS he is saying.
  7. I agree that small print always favors the corporation/entity you are doing business with and most will not read it. But there has to be some responsibility on the person signing the agreements part also. When it is something like electricity (where people could actually die if they are on oxygen or couldn't get out of a freezing/too hot for habitation house for whatever reason) then I think monopoly and reliability make much more sense than a free market that will always maximize profits. Of course, that is assuming you have a choice. Monopoly markets are a whole different ballgame an
  8. I agree with on that it shouldn't, I am just dealing with what actually is in this situation. Of course it was a possibility that was foreseeable, the scale makes it a possible .001% chance. Customers of this particular set-up (which again, I agree shouldn't have been allowed in a utility market) bet they would come out ahead more than if they signed up with a service that wasn't as price volatile...and they lost that bet.
  9. That's on them then. I agree the total is outsized and the way it is done in the Texas energy market shouldn't be allowed. I wouldn't be adverse to some kind of meet in the middle arrangement.
  10. I agree with you that utilities should be strictly infrastructure and should be socialized. But if you are taking the advantage that comes with the "yay capitalism" part (lower prices when the market is down), you have to take the downsides. I don't believe in capitalize the profit and socialize the loss, which is what is being called for in this case. The only difference to me on this issue vs wall street bailouts is scale.
  11. I get the instant emotional outcry here, but he gambled and lost. He was getting cheaper rates, which was why he signed up with that service (my reading there is he had a choice of providers, if this is incorrect my perspective would change), this is the possible downside of that. Same as saying when someone was making money when the stock market goes up it is great, but whining for a bailout when it collapses.
  12. No, it means I am not a Trump supporter (I honestly don't understand anyone that is unless it is a strictly ends justify the means thought process) or a supporter of the win at any cost mentality that is rampant in Washington. Both parties do it, Mitch has taken it just a little farther than Reid did and I detest them both. Neither party gives a crap about the country as a whole anymore, if they ever really did...at least they used to give it lip service and tried to compromise at times.
  13. Or those who borrowed and then paid back in the past get nothing but what we agreed to...just as the current crop that owe should get nothing but what they agreed to when they borrowed the money. Ideas like this is why I could never be a Democrat. Big FU to Trump and the current GOP for making me vote for the current Pres because he (Trump) and R leadership were just so awful.
  14. Ben doesn't care about Salary? Ben Roethlisberger wants to return to Steelers, doesn't care about 2021 salary Liz Roscher Updated Thu, January 28, 2021, 4:35 PM Since the Pittsburgh Steelers were eliminated from the playoffs in the wild-card round on Jan. 10, we haven’t heard from quarterback Ben Roethlisberger about what his plans are for next season. On Thursday, we got our first news about his future. In a Zoom call with the media, Steelers president Art Rooney II revealed that Roethlisberger wants to come back next season. Roethlisberger later confirmed that, and t
  15. I do not like the policies of Biden or the Dem party in general...that being said, I voted for Biden and would do so again if Trump is the alternative. Will not support any of the current leadership in the Rep party either.
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