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  1. All units run to a budgeted census. Not just ICUs. And floating is part of the job going in.. The not knowing what they are talking about part is people saying things like the business models are for 90% occupancy as SOP, or not realizing you can't just hire someone off the street to work. It isn't like any other industry I have worked in when it comes to hiring and orientation practices. Generally a much longer process than realized. I am giving up on correcting this stuff. I now have much more appreciation for the lawyers in here when the non lawyers tell them how the law and courts work.
  2. No, they are budgeting for a short term increase in census that happens every year and bringing in extra help. The alternative would be to hire extra staff, run them through months of orientation, then lay off after a few months. That would have devastating long term effects.
  3. Hospitals do budget and forecast for higher capacity times like flu season, so not sure what he means by that as it pretty much does happen once a year for a short-term increase every year. Unless he is just meaning not that they don't have beds, but that they don't staff for it. That is why travelling medical people are a huge business...google how much travel RNs make. Capacity is generally stretched thin during flu season, but that is budgeted for and extra help is brought in a lot of times during that seasonal situation. Different parts of the country also generally have different timing so the temp staff moves around. That is generally only 2-3 months and everyone knows it is coming even if the timing isn't exact. People work extra shifts during that time, but everyone knows it is only lasting a finite amount of time as it happens every year to one extent or another. This has been going on far longer than any flu season and staff is frankly just burned out.
  4. I will say I can't comment on the specific one his wife works in so I won't. But I can tell you from dealing with national data bases for hospitals on the finance side I have never seen any hospital that has that high a census as SOP or a business model. I am guessing maybe some very specialized hospitals could, that is why I asked for a link so I could educate myself.
  5. How is stating facts, which you agree with apparently, a logic problem? Show me just 1 hospital that has that high a bed capacity as a business model and basically staffs for greater than 100% capacity. Because that is what you would have to do to account for those things.
  6. No it isn't. And that link does absolutely nothing to back up the assertion.
  7. No, hospitals do not have a business model of being 90% or more full. That would mean they are staffing above that (have to account for vacancies, leaves, vacation, etc.). Not happening.
  8. This is not an accurate statement at all and I wish people who don't have a clue about hospital operations would stop it.
  9. I would take a link to any hospital that has as SOP their ICUs at 90%. When they get that high I am guessing most go into some form of critical bed status depending on size. If they have 100 ICU beds with only 10 left that is a problem, if they have 1000 with 100 left I am sure they can manage. Also, staffing to that high a projection would probably not be fiscally feasible.
  10. Reading your last paragraph tells me you have no clue about hospital operations. The limiting factor for hospitals being full more times than not is the staffing, not the number of beds. A hospital can have 500 beds licensed, but if only 400 are staffed that means the other hundred aren't usable. You can't just hire qualified RNs, RRTs and Docs off the street. And any you do hire will take months to orient. Hospitals cannot operate on staffing all beds regardless of if anyone is in them on a regular basis, they rely on forecasts and budgeting based on historical numbers for staffing decisions...Covid19 has blown all those completely out of the water. And there was already a nursing shortage nationally before Covid19 hit.
  11. No, hospitals like to be near budgeted ADC for budgetary reasons. Hospitals don't staff for max capacity. We do have a good idea of what our ADC will be based on historical data, but that goes out the window in a pandemic. You can't magically hire and orient RNs and Docs and RRTs, etc within even months...there was a shortage or RNs before the pandemic and it has just gotten worse during. Also, people keep saying there are beds...but beds aren't really the issue (unless you are talking negative pressure beds for infectious patients) it is staffing those beds and having safe care for the number of patients you have in the hospital. And Covid patients are most definitely skewing those numbers.
  12. Had a 2016 Colorado and really liked it. Had the Z71 and it drove and rode well, but had it in for a repair on the driver seat and got a Colorado WT as a loaner and would not have been happy with it as my vehicle. Rode rough and way under powered. Sat in a Ranger recently when looking for a new vehicle and it didn't have near the room as the Colorado. I am 6'4" and had to tilt my head to not touch the roof of the cab when sitting in it, not nearly the seat adjustment or room of the Colorado. Like the looks of the Ranger but no way could I drive it very far and be anywhere near comfortable.
  13. Do you honestly think our military shouldn't have plans of worst cases and what ifs? There are tons of people in the Pentagon that are paid to think the what ifs and worst cases. Just because it is very unlikely doesn't mean you can't have a contingency plan in place. I held my nose and voted for Biden to get rid of trump (haven't like many of his policies and knew I wouldn't). He screwed up horribly here and needs to be held to account.
  14. I am speaking from experience as I work in a hospital. Obesity isn't filling beds on near the same level and I know you are smarter than to think this is not an extraordinary situation. Nothing mean in what I said, just pointing out the faulty logic.
  15. The problem is your choice is filling up the hospitals and stretching staff thin. If you could skip the being in the hospital part of the above, then it would only affect you.
  16. 😆 I laughed. Yeah, I can see an argument for both. Ignorable either way.
  17. Anyone claiming that for Arkansas currently you know to ignore because they are misinformed, lying or just pulling it out of their a**.
  18. To address the bolded because I have no clue where you are getting that info: Arkansas governor is a he and what he is advocating for is to allow local school districts to determine if they need a mandate in their schools because of spiking cases. Not for another statewide mandate. And there might be spikes in vaccinated, but there is no data here for that as we are not testing like before. Finally, the hospitals are full here and it is over 95% (don't remember the exact number) the unvaccinated that are taking up those beds. It was reported that there were only 25 ICU beds available in the state currently. I personally know that a very large hospital is using it's surgical recovery room as an overflow ICU currently and another large hospital is using the normal PT/OT space as an overflow ICU. And staff is very thin and very burnt out.
  19. I read the same post, it was a very long post written by a Hospitalist. He was saying of the admitted patients he saw, 13 were unvaccinated and were in the hospital for Covid...the other patients were not there for Covid. The whole long post was about how everyone should get vaccinated and that the current surge is much worse than the winter surge and the age group he is seeing admitted to his hospital for Covid is more in the 20-50 range and unvaccinated, the vaccinated people he is seeing with Covid are the old and frail.
  20. They still test some, here my coworker gave blood the day before and they tested his but didn't test mine when I gave the next day. Website says they are still testing some but not all...my cholesterol did go down 15, so I have that going for me. 😀
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