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  1. Shot #1 currently coursing through my veins. In the observation area now. Can't wait to see the worker's expressions of surprise when the invisibility kicks in.
  2. Wife got her Pfizer #2 this week, arm was sore again other than that no other issues. I'm getting Pfizer #1 on Monday. Our son (16) is getting #1 on May 5th. Looking forward to having all eligible members of the family done soon (14 year old daughter still waiting for ok). We lost my mom in December (cancer, not Covid), and my Dad has emphysema, so we've been limiting our time with him for his health, which has been hard for him and us. He's already had his Moderna, so hopefully we can get back to a bit of normalcy soon.
  3. They never said that. If the military is releasing this stuff, imagine what we have that you don't know about. May be the military's way of giving the Russians and Chinese the old middle finger.
  4. Am I the only one who sees the elephant?
  5. I finished it up this weekend, and was thoroughly entertained. (Disclaimer: I'm neither a "DC-guy" or a "Marvel-guy"). I actually like Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne better than Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne, but like Bale's Batman better than Affleck's. I'm not sure what that says about me as a human being, but it's not a comfortable feeling.
  6. I think making like a tree and leaving was the right call.
  7. How that movie didn't sweep the Oscars, I'll never know. Writing, direction, acting...just, bravo.
  8. Welp, Woodsy Owl and the "Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute" campaign from my childhood suddenly makes a lot more sense now. Why didn't we listen? WHY?!?
  9. No. I guess it's one thing if one of you is travelling somewhere, but if it's a trust issue, people should question if they are indeed married to the right person if they feel that is required.
  10. I apologize to fantasycurse42's widow if the one of the two Dads shivved him last night when he tried to talk to them.
  11. Yeah, Season 11 is going to be 24 episodes long. So its still going to be on a while. I personally have no desire to invest anything more in it. YMMV.
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