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  1. While this may be, it's certainly not going to stop me from writing Vic Fangio a strongly worded letter.
  2. First period of Edmonton/Calgary was entertaining last night. Andersson has to get a couple of games for that headbutt on Yammer, no? If not, Dylan Larkin would like a word.
  3. John's look at Paul while he is singing the "Tuscon, Arizona" line in Get Back in the falsetto voice kills me every time I watch this.
  4. Season 11 starts Oct 24th. Season 11 Trailer
  5. Closed down my browser and reopened it and it seems to work now. Still tells me to "Get ESPN+" when I go to pick a broadcast, but it seems to be working. Sabres and Blue Jackets are absolute wagons this year. Eastern Conference Finalists, calling it now.
  6. Recently signed up for ESPN+. Signed into my account on my laptop. Can't get a single game to come up and play. What am I doing wrong?
  7. Man, I just realized that this is going to begin airing about a week shy of the first anniversary of my mom's passing. She's the one who got me into the Beatles. George was her favorite Beatle. Danced with her to "Here Comes the Sun" at my wedding. This could be an emotional watch for me. Dammit, Peter Jackson.
  8. This looks amazing. I'm going to have to call a doctor, because I guarantee it's not going down in the next 4 hours. Official trailer Starts Nov 25th on Disney+. Can. Not. Wait.
  9. I know I had Season 5 recorded in my YoutubeTV library. Season 4 is there, but Season 5 isn't anymore. Did that happen to anyone else with YoutubeTV?
  10. Afraid I am going to miss the World Juniors this year on YoutubeTV with them still not having NHL Network. Used a free SlingTV trial last year to watch the World Jr. tourney that I assume I won't be eligible for again this year.
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