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  1. My guess is that she has an absolutely beautiful face and a great body. I could be wrong though. You may be on to something here.
  2. If you are fair-skinned I would highly recommend an SPF built-in rash guard for days at the pool or beach or just outside for an extended period. The tight ones built for surfing you can swim in easily. Land's End dress shirts I have found are great bang for the buck, esp when they are having a sale. Electric griddles are awesome to have, esp for breakfast foods - bacon, pancakes, eggs. We use ours all the time. If you have a very small, in-town lawn like me I would highly recommend the Green Works plug-in electric mower. Very inexpensive and works great. I was very skeptical of mowing with a lawn mower that has a cord but I took a chance and I have loved mine.
  3. Still, no lie, one of the hottest chicks period I ever ogled on the internet. Something about her just does it for me. A 10/10 in my book, esp when she first burst on the scene.
  4. I agree Hunter is on a short leash but given that he has not played football on the field in a year, and had limited experience before that, we might want to pump the brakes on penciling in DGB as a starter. I think DGB will be more of a situational guy at first, and unless he shocks my expectations in training camp I don't see him in the top 3 WRs to start the year.
  5. It's no different here in Utah. The lakes and reservoirs are at all-time lows and, combined with the lack of snow this winter, I'm pretty sure we're planning on drinking sand this summer. But hey, everyone's got some pretty sweet looking bright green lawns out here in the middle of the desert! Always bugged me when I lived in Salt Lake. Folks living in the desert but with perfect little English lawns and gardens. What could go wrong?
  6. Hasn't aged well. Gimme Amanda Wenk pole vaulting if we're going with videos of chicks who've never done anything but are internet famous. You're kidding, right? As predicted midway through this thread, she lost her freshman weight and is back to being taut and awesome. Still in love.
  7. :goodposting:And I don't like Otis. I don';t even enjoy hating on Otis, I dislike him so much.But this is really good stuff. I'm pulling for him here.
  8. yumI think we've found offdee's elusive perfect 10. My god.
  9. It baffles me that anyone could look at this chick and only think about what she'll look like in 10 years. Why would anyone give a #### about any of this?:goodposting:Do people jerk off to marriage fantasies or something?
  10. I will kill you.:lmao:This one is just a picture of her name card on an empty seat.But you guys aren't missing much - in the picture I posted she has alot more clothes on than the bikini video
  11. You are not doing it right.When I click on those links they come up.I don't belong to a picture sharing service, or anything.
  12. Says content is currently unavailable.Guess you have to be his facebook friend to see it?
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