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  1. Having a tough time ranking Mostert, I really want to move him up, but I keep having Mike Shanahan-igans flashbacks. With the exception of Belichick, nobody played more games with his RB's. I have a feeling Mostert gets about 60% of the carries though, which would make him a mighty fine flex play.
  2. Evan Engram was hurt in pre-game warm ups (hamstring). Questionable to return.
  3. I need 4 more points from AP... take the needle, brah!!!
  4. AP hurt??? seen him on sideline holding his arm with trainers looking at it.
  5. Marty Bennett was killing me in my big money league. Picked up ASJ a couple weeks ago, and couldn't be happier with the production. BTW, he WAS robbed out of that second TD!
  6. I thought it was a horrible call (mostly for selfish reasons), I felt ASJ regained control as he fell into the endzone! How was that conclusive visual evidence? Final score NE 24 NYJ 17
  7. I've stashed Foreman in a few leagues (expecting a breakout)... not quite happening yet. Really want to keep him on my rosters, but that might be tough through all the byes coming up. He's a tough/physical runner, but O'Brien seems keen on giving Miller the lion-share of the work.
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