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  1. Go to the moon on em! 🚀
  2. The love for Mixon, I don't understand. Give me me Carson at a discount.
  3. Williams. I don't understand the love for Njoku, he drops too many balls and too many mouths to feed in Cleveland.
  4. I wanted no part of him when I saw him drinking on Instagram after his one year suspension and his behavior in Pittsburg after they stood by him.
  5. I forgot to post this yesterday but while looking at his social media I noticed a photo of him that looks like he may be drinking. Is he not supposed to drink? I know JG can't. https://www.instagram.com/p/BZKde3qF6R0/?hl=de&taken-by=martavisbryant10
  6. Seems some woman he's dealing with responded to this and then deleted it. Read the first reply. https://twitter.com/DejaHiott/status/919772861291692032
  7. Martavis Bryant‏Verified account @ThaBestUNO FollowFollow @ThaBestUNO More Big win today and tomorrow right back to work tomorrow I am happy to be a steeler and can't wait to reach number 7 this year.
  8. good front 7, Slay is the only guy in the secondary worth a darn. Tulloch doing the discount double check is a huge blow. Should be decent points coming up against NYJ,Buff and Minny Whats different from last year? I would imagine different DC, but I haven't followed them much. Just know they shut down two teams but laid an egg against the Panthers for some reason. Part of it has to be the HC. Many Detroit fans didn't want Caldwell but I thought it was a solid hire.
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