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  1. Covid probably had a lot to do with this.
  2. Huh. Just one post back you were all about "guys that spend the most of their time in the backfield as a qb or rb". Sounds like you're combining positions there. Doesn't really matter though. As your stats make clear, Hill isn't one of those guys.
  3. Hill doesn't spend most of his time in the backfield. He spends most of his time tight/slot/wide. We can do this all day. The numbers are not on your side.
  4. Careful. By that logic, then Travis Kelce is a WR. So is Mark Andrews. And Jimmy Graham. Gesicki. Ertz. You get the point. Lots of guy that are used primarily out of the slot and out wide are considered TEs. Regardless, the point remains the same as it's always been -- guys that spend most of their time tight/slot/wide are not QBs.
  5. Well why don't you clear it up for us? Is a guy that lines up at the end of the line for 34 snaps, in the slot for 35 snaps, and outside the numbers for 14 snaps a WR or a TE?
  6. Quarterbacks don't run pass routes. Not regularly anyway. Taysom Hill runs pass routes more than anything else.
  7. The snap data makes very clear that the thing Taysom Hill does the most is split out and run pass routes. He does this on 59% of his snaps. How we allocate these snaps between "Tight End" "Wide Receiver" and "Slot Receiver" is arbitrary and unimportant. The thing he does the next-most is run the ball out of the wildcat formation. He played basically no QB at all prior to Drew Brees getting hurt.
  8. I think the Rodgers bounce-back was foreseeable. On the WRs, you're going to be right more often than you're wrong if you follow the same logic every year.
  9. Not sure what you're struggling with here. WR and TE: 83 snaps (59%) QB 40 (28%) RB 18 (13%) Your stats. WR/TE is the most logical designation, based upon snap counts. And inasmuch as almost all of those "QB" snaps were actually wildcat runs, those probably belong in the RB bucket.
  10. I've been starting Ebron since losing Kittle, but did grab and stash Ertz. Who knows, stranger things have happened, and it's a long season. Eagles just look putrid though, and Goedert (and back-from-the-dead Richard Rodgers) aren't going to just disappear. Ertz has been a target monster in the not-too-distant past, so I figured it's worth a shot.
  11. Reluctantly holding DJ. Along with his buddies Joe Mixon and Raheem Mostert. Dropped Saquon Barkley though. Current starters: Salmon Ahmed and Kalen Ballage. So 2020. Gus Edwards is sitting there on the wire. Not sure what to do.
  12. It's a little different, but mostly the same. The biggest difference is that Kamara is a stud, first-round guy you build your fantasy team around, and Hill is a marginal waiver guy. In the scenario I laid out, what do you think ESPN should do about Kamara's position eligibility? Change to QB only, keep him RB only, or allow both?
  13. The stats you just provided prove my statement was correct. The majority of Hill's snaps have been at WR and TE. 83 out of 141 is 59%.
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