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    Titans IDPs

    Think with the injury that Molden will be more involved? Not sure if he'll still be in the slot or if he'll move to the outside???
  2. I still am holding out hope that Reggie Cannon's club situation gets sorted out and he'll be in contention as well, but agree with this roster.
  3. I really liked the Miles/Richards pairing at CB last night. I hope that's our first choice pairing going into Mexico and beyond. I think Richards is so smooth - I would say he has already supplanted Brooks for me.
  4. I think what has me concerned for tonight is Keylor Nevas stealing a game. We haven't been creating a ton of chances and Nevas is certainly more than capable of standing on his head against us - especially if there's only a couple of quality chances against him. Hopefully, we get one past him early so the pressure doesn't continue to build as the game progresses.
  5. True... but didn't they have issues with Kobe Hernandez too? Sure, Pepi is a better prospect than both of those guys, but it still gives me pause for sure. Hopefully, he's getting good advice from people he trusts that tells him Wolfsburg is a good fit.
  6. I don't like this... https://twitter.com/CJSmith91/status/1447983392985915392?s=20 Sources tell me Ricardo Pepi's camp are in agreement on personal terms with Wolfsburg & are looking to close a deal with #DTID #USMNT Haven't been able to reach his agent to confirm yet I'm not sure who that source is though. Not sure i'd want Pepi at Wolfsburg with their recent history with US players.
  7. yeah.. definitely think that's Nips
  8. Got the email from US Soccer that I got tix for the Mexico game for the kids and I. My Dad had put in for tickets too and he didn't get the confirmation email. Will be interesting to see where our tix are tomorrow. I was in the AO pre-sale group.
  9. It's absurd how much Paramount+ has ruined watching soccer for me. Kids and I used to wake up and watch Premier League Mornings each weekend - until all the best early games got moved there. sucks Oh wait.. it was Peacock Plus who ruined EPL mornings. Stupid streaming channels. lol
  10. In Soccer America's daily "soccer on TV".email .. it doesn't show the game being on any English channels other than Paramount+ That can't be right can it? ugh.
  11. Chad.... We closed back in April, I can't remember how long we had to wait to refi, but I started getting offers from my current holder (UWM) to refinance again. Looks like 20 year rates have gone done since we refi'd... Not sure if it's too early to look at it again or not.
  12. Tank's value would plummet with that move. Well, plummet more than his self-induced plummet this year.
  13. same probably holds true with Gus Bradley going to the Raiders.
  14. thanks for posting that combined list!
  15. I'm really curious to see where Reynolds ends up.
  16. Anyone watch the Chiefs and have opinions on Willie Gay? Started this past weekend and had a decent stat line. His snap counts have been up and down, so not sure what to make of it.
  17. This seems really strange? Any further reasoning given? It's not a punishment of some sort, but a decision by those clubs??? odd.
  18. Especially at Schalke who are going to want to showcase and sell him off based on their recent financial plans
  19. Cool article on Chris Richards https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/aug/04/chris-richards-bayern-munich-usmnt-soccer?CMP=share_btn_tw
  20. had no idea. As I'll be in that same situation in the not too distant future, interested to hear how this plays out.
  21. Still can't believe he didn't work on his shelter earlier and as he was leaving he was saying how proud of it he was... At that rate he'd probably have finished it on day 99.
  22. He had a great touch earlier where he ended up with a half-volley rocket from just inside the 18 that Krul saved
  23. For those interested in a longer article about Matarazzo's tactics at Stuttgart... here is a really good article: https://www.leftbackfootball.com/home/2020/7/10/pellegrino-matarazzos-engrossing-stuttgart
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