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  1. I'm not saying she can't act. I just don't see her as Ms. Marvel. Ms.Marvel is a badass, and Brie Larson doesnt give off that vibe. Morgan Freeman is a great actor, too, but I dont want them to cast him as Hugh Jackman's replacement as Wolverine.
  2. LOL...this Vine thing seems to be working out great...who was just picked, by the way?
  3. Just a Cake guy here checking in to see how the JV draft is running. Yep just as much of a cluster$&@# as I thought it would be....
  4. 12 team PPR Team A gives: CJ Anderson Team B gives: 2017 1st (very late)
  5. 1 stinking hour . RELAX. I just got the text. ####### A. I make no apologies for making Bunch of asswipes. RELAX . I JUST GOT THE TEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 hr, 15 min and counting. LOL
  6. The posts are almost worth the wait, aren't they?
  7. Cake into the 9th round....but you guys hang in there!
  8. If you were interesting you would be in Cake. Exactly
  9. Cake more a full round ahead. JV just can't hang with the varsity...
  10. Cake is already in the 5th round...just an FYI.
  11. Cake already comfortably into the 4th round, slackers. Now excuse me while I go watch the funny vines.
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