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  1. in the comics they had Rosita and King Ezekiel among the heads on the pikes. When I realized they were actually going to have that part of the comics on the show I was basically holding my breath as they were showing the heads to see if they include those two. I'm glad they didn't.
  2. My keepers are bolded and italicized in the google doc and I set them in the keepers tab on my yahoo team page. Trea Turner $19 4 Francisco Lindor $18 5 Javier Baez $15 4 Eloy Jimenez $9 2 Brad Hand $6 3 Felipe Vazquez $6 3 Miles Mikolas $3 2 Zack Wheeler $3 2 CJ Cron $2 2 Jose Alvarado $2 2 Kirby Yates $1 2 11 for $84
  3. I really think AMC had som problem with commercials. I watched a little bit of the show afterward, Talking Dead because I like one of the guests they had on tonight. Right in the middle of the interview as one the guests was answering a question it cut away and after the commercial break, when it came back, she was answering a different question. It had to be an error.
  4. 27.15 Chris Devenski RP HOU 28.01 Brandon Crawford SS SF
  5. You could always rate each team (starting with mine. Its listed in my tab) and rank them if you wanted to start some banter...LOL
  6. Maybe his lawn. I'm not saying its a bad pick, just that he doesn't "rake".
  7. 24 rounds of players commented on and i didn't have one player mentioned. No faves, no leasts. Guess that means I am middle of the pack.
  8. You need to find someone who is buying the MLB Extra Innings package this year. It comes with a free subscription to MLB.TV. You can watch almost all the games on your computer. tablet, smart phone or Apple TV. More than one person at a time can watch. My friend and i have split the fee the last few years and shared one log in.
  9. Guzman without a doubt. He actually could put up a monster season. He showed of his power last year, but he is young and should get better as he gets older.
  10. 23.15 Alex Wood SP CIN Reds 24.01 Diego Castillo RP TB Steve Irwin Killers Can I steal guys from both TRE and shuke in one turn?
  11. Seriously!!!! I'm on the West coast and I'm up and posting. I figured you guys in the Eastern and Central time zones would have had this thing moving this morning, Who is up?
  12. Someone should probably post the rules, dates, fees, etc.... no one can see anything about the league parameters. Just my two cents. (how do you post the 2 cents emoji?)
  13. I totally understand. I spent 2 years on that team. I can tell you off the top of my head that other team has both Correa and Verlander at keepable prices. Here's a link: Newza 2019 rosters
  14. Enrique is his given name. The other one is a nickname.
  15. 21.15 Jacob Junis SP Royals 22.01 Michael Pineda SP Twins
  16. I usually picture this: Stop picking Rays!!! No, wait, that's Cappy and FDAS when Cappy picks Rays.
  17. I just got a sponge bath from two nurses, so I'm doing ok. One of the few good things about not being able to walk.
  18. So......4? I have 2 arms and 2 legs. One of my legs is just shorter.
  19. I'd be happy just to be able to walk with a walker. Maybe eventually leg out a grounder, but I'm not going to be greedy. Gotta learn to walk before you can run, literally,
  20. I'll leave it with my nurse. I trust them more than I trust doctors.
  21. Before, obviously, do you know of a way to make them after? Am I supposed to go Patrick Swayze from Ghost with capella and tell my picks while he makes pottery?
  22. Yeah, I'm actually watching Ozark right now. Its really good.
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