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  1. lol I also think it looks like a dictator holding a football. I also think it looks out of place between the two panthers.
  2. He has a slight groin injury so he didn't play.
  3. McCaffrey is a rookie and needs reps with the team. He is in learning mode. Also, the speed of the game is different in the NFL, and he needs to experience it before game one of the regular season.
  4. You got anything else to add because you have been spectacular wrong here. Hurney firing a 20 year scouting vet is not a good look. I said Hurney may be brought in as an interim GM. How is that spectacular wrong? In the past, Jerry has never been fire happy, but he has fired some people including three coaches. All owners have to do some firing. Just because he fired Gettleman, and Hurney fired the scout doesn't change what I said. The scout, Koncz, had been promoted by Gettleman in May to be Director of Player Personnel. I guess Richardson or Hurney didn't think he was suited for that position.
  5. Turner is the third highest paid at his position, and I don't think the Panthers overpaid.
  6. I hope he doesn't need season-ending surgery. It seems the Chargers are snake bit at WR every year.
  7. How do you know there wasn't major friction between Richardson and Gettleman, and they had a final disagreement that was enough for Richardson? If you have an employee who is good, yet disrespects you or others and isn't inline with your philosophy you have every right to let that person go. Richardson is not an idiot. Sometimes respect and what you believe in is greater than winning, and Richardson wants to win.
  8. I hardly call what he said a division in the locker room. Also, Oher said that Gettleman and RV are the only ones that constantly checked on his well being, but Thomas Davis said he contacted Oher 6 different times, and Oher would never respond back. Based on Oher's concussion that cost him most of last season, I think he should retire.
  9. What locker room division? According to Panther beat writers, Gettleman was causing tension in the locker room.
  10. Felt? You don't feel like the team is a better roster anymore because the GM was fired? Are Chief fans freaking out too, because their GM also recently got canned unexpectantly.
  11. What is with all the drama? Hurney may be brought in as an interim. Interim. When he was the GM, Richardson is the one who gave him the ok on everything he did. Remember when DeAngelo said during the collective bargaining agreement that Jerry told him he would take care of him with a new contract? Hurney is the one who gave him the big contract, but Jerry is the one who was behind it. Another thing, Jerry has never been a fire happy owner. Do you think it is professional for him to announce to the media why he fired Gettleman? Is it everyone's business? The press and others are guessing at what happened, especially because of the bad timing. None of them know the real reason(s).
  12. I don't mind him taking over for the season as an interim to help out. That being said, I don't want him to be retained after the season. Been there done that.
  13. Davis has always been a class act on and off the field. Some of his interview today was mentioned in an above post by simey, and here is more of it:
  14. Ann Wilson singing "Black Hole Sun" on Jimmy Kimmel in tribute to Chris Cornell. Ann is looking good these days.
  15. Funchess had a set back as a rookie from getting hurt in training camp. Last year he wasn't utilized as much as I thought he would be, and he was up and down when he played but so was the guy throwing him the ball, and the whole team in general. This year is probably a make or break year for him.
  16. Hali had more than a glimpse of one when she was voted off last night. Whatever. I can't imagine what I'd look like after 3 weeks out in the jungle My wife is very hairy, and she uses some electronic device to zap her mustache hair off. If she didn't have her device on that island, she would have a blonde fuzzy mustache. It is really only noticeable when the sun shines on it. I tease her sometimes and ask if she just wants to borrow my razor. With or without her upper lip fuzz, she is as hot as the day I met her.
  17. I don't agree with that, and I think CBS got exactly what they wanted.
  18. Everyone knew = viewers at home. He wasn't talking about the tribe members. Interestingly, Probst knew that Varner knew that Zeke was transgender, and made no effort to tell him to keep it to himself. It makes me wonder if the producers were hoping the outing would happen.
  19. She did work the puzzle, but more than anything she played JT like a fiddle.
  20. Smith will go pro. I like the hire for the Pack as well.
  21. Boeheim will probably be retired before his team gets their first win in an ACC Tournament.
  22. Sure it was, back in the day at least - UNC's influence, specifically, ran that conference for a couple of decades. It's not like that anymore, but it was through at least the 80s. I always thought, and still do, that it was logical to have the ACC Tournament in Greensboro since it was founded there. That's where its roots are, and it became a tradition. It is tobacco road. These days many don't care about tradition. Especially those that haven't been a part of it since it became popular in the 70s. You're a longtime Terp fan, right? Do you get what I'm saying?
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