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  1. For a second there I thought I had misspelled his name on our site.and yes we do ship to canada
  2. Hello all. It has been a while since I have been around. Just wanted to drop in and give you guys an update. Well my wife and I decided that we did not have the funds to open the restaurant like we wanted and with the way the economy has been getting a huge loan did not seem like a great idea. So we took the money we won and opened up a retail store here in Columbus, Oh. We had been searching for the right location for a long time, and we found it and signed the lease in early September. My dad (who is a contractor) came down and the two of us did all the remodeling that we needed done. We opened the doors in Mid-October and things have been going real well. Our goal is to be a destination for parents in Columbus. In addition to our retail store we have a large play area for kids and offer a bunch of classes and activities aimed at getting people into the store (craft days 2-3x a week, parenting meetings, etc) and we let groups hold meetings in the area as well. Keeping our original idea in mind we set up the back so at some point (next year?) we can add a coffee/snack bar. The idea is to let parents hang out and while they are there for crafts or story time they can shop. So far it has been going real well. What we sell: - High quality wood toys and games and other cool stuff - Organic baby and kids clothes - Safe Feeding products (BPA Free, Phthalate Free, etc) - Amish Built cribs and kid beds and other furniture - Organic Bedding - Organic Skin care for mom and baby - Baby Carriers - and other stuff i cant think of at the moment Anyway, needless to say I have been real busy. We are pretty much living at the store, but it has been fun. Oh. On top of the store opening, I lost my real job so that has added a lot of pressure on us for the store to succeed. I hope I will be able to be around more, but just wanted to drop in and say hi.
  3. is playing .01/.02 real money any better? at what point do people start playing more "real"
  4. Wanna buy a car. May buy a house in a year. I need to start investing more, but I'm not sure what I want to do exactly just yet.i recommend that you look into some way to stash away cash. i am not a finanacial advisor, but look into maxing out an IRA each year for long term savings and they find other more liquid investment options as well.
  5. Or just change ISPs. ETA: you might also not want to fund it from the same accounts either.I doubt that would work.Don't they have his SSN for tax-reporting? I am sure that a second account with the same SSN would be detected.Pokerstars doesn't need a SSN as they don't report anything.ahh, in that case. please ignore me.
  6. Or just change ISPs. ETA: you might also not want to fund it from the same accounts either.I doubt that would work.Don't they have his SSN for tax-reporting? I am sure that a second account with the same SSN would be detected.
  7. I'll start a new thread if/when I decide to do it. Seems like theres enough interest, so I probably will as long as I'm confident about this tax issue.Are you sure your up for this, tax aside? You get a bunch o cash from the FBG around here and we are going to put the pressure on you.... And the more I think of it, God forbid if you make the final table. Are you ready to have a bunch of FBG sweating you live and in person? The other thing to consider is your going to look foolish at the final table when everyone is wearing a Full tilt hat or a poker stars hat and your there wearing a FBG hat............I'd welcome the sweat. In all seriousness though regarding the pressure, I'm going to make it perfectly clear that I'm going to play MY game and not worry about what people think of my plays. If that ends up making me look dumb and everyone wants to critisize me after the fact, then so be it.I'm going to make it perfectly clear that I wouldn't contribute unless you were going to play your game.
  8. One option if you think your going to do really well is to sell shares in either an LP or LLC with you as the managing partner. It shouldn't be that expensive to do it that way either (hell Otis can probably put together the paperwork in a flash). That way the winnings go directly to the LP/LLC.What exactly is a LP or LLC?Legal Entities.LP=Limited PartnershipLLC=Limited Liability CorporationBasically your backers would buy a share of the company and the company would be your backer.
  9. Honest to God you are my Poker hero. Nice Score./sidebar/ If your not interested in puting up the $10K for the WSOP, I wonder if there would be enough interest here to buy shares in a WSOP seat with you at the helm? I know I would be in for a little.I've thought about this. I was thinking selling shares of myself for 75 cents on the dollar. I would be 100% certain that'd be a good investment for people as the WSOP events are stupid soft, and it'd obviously be good for me to play with no risk. The only downside I thought of would be that if I scored big then I'd have to pay a lot of tax on it, and how would I deal with paying out to everyone? I could actually end up losing money if I paid tax on everything but only won a part of it.Pay the tax and then distribute the winnings. I think a seat at the main event would fill up very quickly.Would you guys then pay tax on what I give you? That would really suck to pay tax twice. Obviously I wouldn't care if you guys didn't pay, but if I had a big big score and you were getting a large sum of money, then it might be tough to explain depositing that money in your bank account and not paying taxes. Also this hurts the EV of staking me, and I definitely want to give everyone a good investment if I'm doing it(I can honestly say with 100% confidence that I wouldn't offer it if I didn't think that it was a winning proposition for everyone). But I'm definitely interested. People speak up if you may be interested, and if I get enough interest then I may start a thread for it.I would be ok for an after tax payout.
  10. agreed. proper care is important.we have 3 cast iron skillets and use them all the time (4-5 times a week). they are great.
  11. hi guys. we did finally get the money ($40k), but they have not told us what our $10k in "services" are going to be. Getting a little frustrated with them. we have talked to someone about doing a private offering to raise some additional cash, but i really did not get a good vibe from the guy so i will keep looking.
  12. So my wife told me this one the other day... She was in the living room picking up some toys with my 2 boys and she farted. My oldest says "Mommy what was that?" She says "Mommy passed gas" He says "Oh...It sounded like daddy"
  13. so how does one go about getting a room comped and other freebies?
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