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  1. The Sea was angry that day, m'friends.
  2. What price do u need so you can turn your 5% and get out? More importantly, does the shtick end too? Sheesh.
  3. It's just a day trader trying to day trade a stock that hasn't panned out.
  4. I keep seeing "Friday" mentioned. Does something go in affect after Friday? (Sorry if its in the last 300 replies here)
  5. "restrictions" seems vague. They can legally do this or is this an SEC thing that all our accounts/brokerages will be seeing soon. Hmmm
  6. Likely hurts day traders more than longs. Mentally at least. “I coulda got 5% today on such-n-such Inc.” Don’t tell him how to feel!!1!!
  7. Thanks for mine. U asked me to see yours, but left no link and I couldn't find a posting of yours

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