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  1. Wonder what the vegas line is on which comes first: - missed time due to injury - missed time due to covid It’s gotta be close
  2. Term, whats your position on a person recovered from covid and getting just the first jab of Pfizer? (I’m sure this is covered, this thread moves fast). I just got my first and in the waiting period now. The side effects hit me like a ton of bricks 26 hours after jab and lasted maybe 10 hours. I read that can be expected sometimes in recovered people (heck, i can find an article in any topic confirming any outcome). i almost feel forced to get the second because it “completes the paperwork” but I don’t see the point in over-vaccination (if thats a thing).
  3. Maybe they realized “uhhh Texas? Nevermind - shut down the test”
  4. Ever have them bore holes in your eaves? And then a woodpecker peel it open looking for them? Kill ‘m all
  5. Does Battlecat age 1:7 like normal cats? Losing my own pet is brutal, I don’t think I can handle losing Battlecat. 🙀
  6. Got a mower? I got a plan I’ve heard before…
  7. I had a similar deal. Tested positive 4 days before my vax. There is so much info out there about what is the correct “reschedule” window. (Recovered now btw - yeah!) I was told by the hospital group running the vaccine site that I would need to wait until symptoms are gone and would have to provide a new negative test. Then, going down the innerweb rathole of “how long before I retest negative” gives all sorts of answers. Some saying you can test positive for a month or two post recovery. If i retest and am still positive, i’ll get calls from health department. People around me will technically have to answer “yes” to have been around someone testing positive. It’s a mess. I don’t think its as easy to answer glibly as some make it out to be imo.
  8. Was supposed to get my first pfizer this coming wednesday (WA state just recently opened up vax availability to all) but have to reschedule as I tested dang positive yesterday. Ohhhh the irony. I had been exhausted all week. Like not wanting to get out of bed type exhausted. No other symptoms but then late in the week had some chills and started running a temp. That’s what prompted me to get tested. Told any neighbors I was in contact with, quarantining from wife and kid (wife is vaxxed) for the next 10 days. This stinks. Except, I’m probably 6 days into this and have had extremely mild symptoms.
  9. The Sea was angry that day, m'friends.
  10. What price do u need so you can turn your 5% and get out? More importantly, does the shtick end too? Sheesh.
  11. It's just a day trader trying to day trade a stock that hasn't panned out.
  12. I keep seeing "Friday" mentioned. Does something go in affect after Friday? (Sorry if its in the last 300 replies here)
  13. "restrictions" seems vague. They can legally do this or is this an SEC thing that all our accounts/brokerages will be seeing soon. Hmmm
  14. Likely hurts day traders more than longs. Mentally at least. “I coulda got 5% today on such-n-such Inc.” Don’t tell him how to feel!!1!!
  15. Neat. i tried phone app and website. System down. https://downdetector.com/status/charles-schwab/
  16. Get Brees outta there before Suh gets ahold of him. Unnecessary risk leaving him at this point.
  17. Since The Untouchables is my most rewatched film of his, that comes to my mind. “Enthusiasms” But, signature role has to be Taxi Driver.
  18. Never turn your back. Each time he started to is when it did that flailing thing. I won’t forget the clips in this “big cat rescue” video. All of them stalk the guy as soon as his back turns. Stooping down to pick up a rock also makes you smaller and triggers their response. Cute in house cats. Not so much when it can tear ya to pieces.
  19. Last person remember to shut off the lights on their way out.
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