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  1. The Andy Reid RB that can catch is very easily the #1 talent in a dynasty draft.
  2. I hope the Titans win. Patriots should pull out a nailbiter.
  3. Saints look like the best team in the playoffs. I like Cook and Cousins to go off in this game and the Vikings pull the upset.
  4. The Chiefs would be a perfect landing spot. 👀
  5. Ertz and 2.07 would be gone fast for Boyd. Goedert is lurking and 2.07 is meh unless of course you grab a Godwin there. Ertz is also 30 ish.
  6. Won one and lost one. Had Mahomes and Drake in both. Luckily I won the big money one and lost the little money one. Both decided by Sunday at 7 so rather uneventful.
  7. No I can't wait for the games. It's the huge effort I put into FF that's hit a wall.
  8. Yeah the info is overload at this point. It really boils down to who shows up when it matters. Like if you made it with Barkley you're doing fine. If you made it with Chubb you're in trouble. Doesn't matter what you've read.
  9. I'm in two championship games this week and could barely care to set the lineups. I'm so done and ready for the draft. I'll watch redzone all day and check scores one last time but yeah I'm checking out.
  10. I sneeze once usually and it's loud. The wife sneezes that ridiculous hold it in and make no noise thing two or three times. She says one is not normal and you don't get a bless you.
  11. Kitchens is awful. The sooner Callaway can get out of there the better. He's also stripped OBJ of his talent
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