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  1. There must be some reason Dennard is still there. Maybe there's something we don't know.I guess teams frown on punching police officers these days.
  2. I agree. I like the 1st pick of Reiff and he really fell into their lap. After that, I think the draft for Det is a bit of a disaster. Taking Broyles is an awful pick. He wasn't worth the 2nd round pick before the injury and will get lost on their roster. That pick could have been much more useful to take a LB like L. David, who went only a few picks later. It also would have been better spent doubling up on the Oline seeing that great value was on the board in Adams or Konz. With a paring of Reiff and Adams/Konz Det could have instantly upgraded both the inside and outside of their Olin
  3. Better than advertised

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