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  1. I was listening to ESPN and they had a public safety message about it being hot and how you don't want to leave your child in the car. They said something to the effect of, "One helpful hint is to bring a stuffed animal along. Put it in the back seat when you bring your child so that it will remind that there is a child in the car." I was laughing so hard. Do these people really think that you will remember a stuffed animal but not your kid? Amazing.
  2. Came on to see if anyone posted this. Have this song on my ipod (of like 50 songs). Always wondered what kind of life he led - calling himself BJ.
  3. Washington isn't going to let the Gints walk away with this one. Strong performance by them against the Steelers. I think the Giants have a good chance to win 3 of their final 4 games (Dallas, Browns and Arizona). Not sure why, but l have a good feeling against Cleveland.
  4. Not sure about any piss, but their D played a hell of a game. I guess they didn't need Jones after all. haha
  5. Anyone hear anything definitive about Jones? I hear it was as bad as it could have been and they may even play him against Seattle. I think that falls in the bad idea category. The game is at Seattle (5-0 at home) and putting him in when he can't be fully mobile is not something l'd want to see.
  6. All in the Family The Gary Shandling Show Bob Newhart Show The Donny and Marie Show. haha
  7. Got me there. haha I haven't had a new cavity in years. With the flouride in toothpaste and probably better dental hygiene on my part my only worries are the old caviities. Have a grinding issue too that hasn't helped issues any.
  8. Not sure about everyone else, but I've had three teeth which have chipped since the start of COVID. Bought a big box of 860 one inch gumballs and lost a good portion of one of my back molars tonight. Curious to see if this is a general problem for others or is just a reflection of my intense sweet tooth in my formative years which are in serious pay-back mode.
  9. Sat through the 8 episodes of Black Summer. It is a zombie apocalypse show. The premise is that it is just the start of the Z apocalypse and people are being moved to a central location with the military in control. There was so much about this that didn't make sense. It just started but for some reason people are not driving around, but the ones that do, they are being attacked for no reason. The only reason given was that one car was attacking another for petrol. Yet they pass 100 cars during the chase that could have provided the petrol. The good about the show is that people turn quickly and they run. None of the slow moving Z crap. haha. Not much in the way of character development and scenes cut very disjointedly. One minute a group of seven are moving down the street the next scene there are 50 people moving with them. No idea why it got like 73 on Rotten Tomatoes.
  10. Only four episodes. I watched it the other day. Funny seeing this thread as I started watching BoB 4-5 days ago second time around. The Liberators was a bit too ficticious to me (even though it is at least loosely based on the actual company) in that it has some pretty unrealistic scenes - like a battalion of German SS are feet from their foxholes and after a number of artillery rounds they're all suddenly dead. haha
  11. I agree. The pollsters totally screwed the pooch on this one. Difficult to imagine Trump not winning if the economy is moving along well and people aren't dying from COVID.
  12. Speaking of COVID, I was going to put a hypothetical poll up as to whether Trump wins without COVID. Unfortunately, it wouldn't post (not sure what l did wrong). If anyone finds that an interesting poll question, please feel free to post it. Thanks.
  13. The area l live in is very liberal. If it wasn't so geared toward the Democratic side then l think you're spot on. But then l doubt there are many people going around beeping their horns in 50/50 areas.
  14. Not really for the Political Forum. People in my part of New Jersey (outside NYC) are reveling in the election outcome. Seems a lot of folks got into their cars and are just riding around beeping their horns in joy.
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