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  1. Packers, Broncos, Patriots, Seahawks, Steelers, Giants, Colts, Lions, Saints, Falcons, Cowboys, Chargers, Bengals All those teams or about over 40% of the teams would rather have their QB than Flacco in my mind. So not sure who you would take off my list? Possibly Lions? Bengals because they have had issues in the playoffs? Giants because Eli can be touchy at time? Cowboys because they haven't gotten to the playoffs? I should add you don't get to bring the defense with Flacco he is the only piece these teams would get... You can add whatever you want. I'll give you Packers, Broncos (although I think Manning is close to done), Pats, Seahawks, Steelers, Saints and Cowboys. You would really take Eli, Stafford, Ryan, Rivers or Dalton (GASP!!!) over Flacco? I am saying those teams would yes if it were me I would take Eli and Dalton. Eli because he has shown he can win the big game 2x and Dalton because he is 2 years younger. The rest are really a push and you could flip a coin between them and Flacco for the most part. Flacco is a middle of the road QB who seems to have the opposite luck of most QBs in that he gets all the credit in the world even when coming up short in the post season. Just take a look back at his playoff appearances: 2009: 2-1 with 1 TD over 3 games wins with 9+10 points given up / loss 23 points given up and scored 14 (3 INT) 2010: 1-1 with 0 TD over 2 games win was with 14 points given up / loss 20 points given up and scored 3 (2 INT) 2011: 1-1 with 3 TDs over 2 games and win was with 7 points given up / loss 31 points given up and scored 24 (1 INT) 2012: 1-1 with 4 TDs over 2 games and win was with 13 points given up / loss 23 points given up and scored 21 (1 INT) 2013: 4-0 with 11 TDs over 4 games and wins with 9, 35(DEN), 13, 31(SB vs SF) given up 2014: No Playoffs 2015: 1-0 with 2 TDs with 17 points given up Flacco is a good QB and Baltimore is forced to "overpay" because the flip side is you could end up like Arizona and nothing at QB in the playoffs. He has won a total of 3 games where he had to lead his team to more than 2 TDs to win while 7 of his wins have come when his defense basically dominates the game. http://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/F/FlacJo00/gamelog/post/ Crazysauce. Eli's +1 SB win gets him a nod over Flacco, but Flacco's +1 SB win (oh, and 9 playoff wins to 0) doesn't get him a nod over Andy friggin' Dalton cause he's 2 years (LOL) younger. Flacco was drafted in 2008 and made the playoffs his first two years, and struggled from a personal standpoint there.... 1 TD, 6 INTs, zero games over 200 yards passing. Only one game above 50% completion percentage. His last three playoff appearances, not including this year, he's 18 TDs, 2 INTs. His team has scored 30, 24, 20, 20, 24, 38, 28, 34 in those eight games, for an average of 27.25 PPG. For reference, there were only six teams this year to average more than 27.25 PPG, and that includes a full schedule including some mediocre teams, not 8 playoff level teams. Andy Dalton? Just stop.
  2. Clearly just needs a real QB (and stronger bones/muscles).
  3. Tony Grossi ‏@TonyGrossi 43s44 seconds ago Yes, it appears #Browns giving RB Isaiah Crowell the start.
  4. Michael Fabiano ‏@Michael_Fabiano 4s5 seconds ago Isaiah Crowell is starting for the Browns....
  5. @pauldehnerjr: Vontaze Burfict had scope on his knee this AM. Likely out next two games.
  6. Ingram really deserves a TD for the way he's ran today.
  7. Tracy Price ‏@tpriceLWOS 14m14 minutes ago J. Winston investigated for rape: No suspension. T. Gurley investigated for charging $5 per autograph: Suspended indefinitely. #NCAA Expand
  8. Agreed. I just don't know why they are putting him in position to fail. He's the definition of "in the box" safety. He is a younger Bernard Pollard. I don't understand why Brooks isn't even active. Surely he's a better cover safety. You play your best players but if he starts to get eaten up, you have to swap him out. Brooks was active yesterday for first time all year, playing half the snaps (35/69). Stewart lost 11 snaps, after only losing 2 the entire first 3 games. Hopefully he will get more coverage snaps, and they move Elam back up to his natural position.
  9. I would attempt to sell high with Steve Smith, especially in keeper and dynasty league formats. I tried that in the offseason, then again after weeks 1, 2, and 3. At this point, I'm just playing (#1 in points for, can start 4 WRs).
  10. MJD likely back. Safe to drop this guy in dynasty leagues?
  11. There is no reason that when Reed comes back that won't be Cousins to Reed. Well, other than the fact he can't stay on the field longer than about a quarter, yea.And the fact that cousins probably has better chemistry with Paul after practicing on the 2nd team with him for a large chick of time. Chemistry to Paul won't matter unless they are both on the field.
  12. Trying to buy this guy everywhere I can in dynasty.
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