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  1. Agree Penn St wins by double digits if Clifford plays. Too bad Levis transferred to UK. Maybe had a better chance. Penn State Defense deserves a lot of credit. They are really good. Best in a long time…maybe best ever!
  2. The Eagles have a good chance of being 1-6 after the next 3 games @ Carolina, vs Tampa, @ Las Vegas.
  3. Someday the networks may figure out why nobody is watching…too bad. We watched to be entertained and get way from day to day life. Done watching Big Brother after watching every season. Survivor could be next…
  4. We have watched every Big Brother. After this season, we are done. Best of luck.
  5. Over the last few days, I have been listening to national sports talk radio to see if there would be any scrutiny over the egregious SEC Officials calls and there has been nothing but crickets. The sports media is more concerned about the Purdue Drum not being allowed in at Norte Dame. One sports talk host said officials, like players, are still working through things this early in the season. Not sure why we can stand by and let this happen. We all saw it…but yet again, nothing gets done.
  6. No risk…no reward. I got for $42 / $100 FAAB. There were 3 other bids in the $30’s. My only other decent RB’s are Chubb and Miles Sanders, so felt the need to take a risk.
  7. I am not excited about losing James Franklin. Plus, the current roster could lose focus. The current recruiting class could get cold feet. Not good any way you look at it.
  8. Hard to believe PennState is 0-4. 2018 - Recruiting Class was ranked #6 Nationally. Including 5 Stars, Parsons, Shorter and Slade. All gone from this team. Very disappointing.
  9. I started Gronk over Goedert. Needs a week.
  10. Too many mental errors. Should not be close with yardage difference and time of possession.
  11. Penn State looks totally unprepared. Very unimpressive on offense and special teams.
  12. Why now announce now on Journey when this has been known for a few months? Timing seems a little suspicious. How does Ohio St, and other programs, get there top players back after opting out and Penn St does not?
  13. Sounds like an agent got into Parson’s head. Can not blame him under the circumstance. Surprised more are not doing the same thing. Does he stay at Penn St and workout? Go to class? Maintain his scholarship?
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