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  1. True, this equation of the two is all over the place here. You can get banned for months for simply stating facts about Trump, but this disingenuous smear is constantly posted.
  2. AMZN and AAPL may look great now, but how long do companies really stay on top? If you're going to set it and forget it you need to be a lot more diversified.
  3. Seems like a popular day for suspensions to end.
  4. In general, it seems like the COVID uncertainty is making transfers very difficult. A shorter window too for the top clubs What a stupid challenge.
  5. Have Liverpool been able to bring in any reinforcements yet? To the squad, not the match.
  6. I also don't want a set top box, but I'm struggling to find anything that Redzone and Bein together. Right now it looks like FuboTv is the best bet, but it is a bad app and I would lose the NBA playoffs on TNT. Very frustrating how segmented and expensive the content market has become.
  7. I used to chase a lot of low pedigree RB on bad teams like this. Just seems like a low probability hit when I like the upside of other players on my roster. Plus, Armstead will be back. Good luck to all though, I'll probably be wrong on this one.
  8. We just get from the Whole Foods and it is usually here within 2 hours. So easy and convient.
  9. I feel you on the Bears. I really do not expect much out of the Lions this year (Patricia is probably the first coach fired) and think the Bears may just shut them down on Sunday.
  10. Dolphins' Mike Gesicki: Sheds injury tag By RotoWire Staff 17 mins ago1 min read Gesicki (glute) does not have an injury designation for Sunday's season opener against the Patriots, Josh Tolentino of The Athletic reports. Gesicki put forth a full practice Friday after having begun the week with two straight limited sessions. He's set to take the field against New England on Sunday and operate as Miami's top receiving tight end, with Durham Smythe primarily mixing in as a blocker.
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