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  1. True, this equation of the two is all over the place here. You can get banned for months for simply stating facts about Trump, but this disingenuous smear is constantly posted.
  2. AMZN and AAPL may look great now, but how long do companies really stay on top? If you're going to set it and forget it you need to be a lot more diversified.
  3. Seems like a popular day for suspensions to end.
  4. I feel you on the Bears. I really do not expect much out of the Lions this year (Patricia is probably the first coach fired) and think the Bears may just shut them down on Sunday.
  5. I like his mask, it’s cool with the presidential seal and everything. Wtf was the big deal? Not sure. He could have done it three months ago and masks wouldn't be an issue today
  6. The talk on local radio yesterday suggested that ND would still play against ACC teams. I wish they would freeze ND out until they actually join a conference.
  7. That is not true: Joe Bruno @JoeBrunoWSOC9 Governor Cooper says he wants protesters to wear a mask and social distance ETA: He also activated the National Guard to stop any looting. Your post is a bit misleading.
  8. Between COVID and this, these gun/ammo manufacturers have to be making a killing. Was hard enough to find personal defense 12-gauge loads two months ago.
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