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  1. Is Goedert playing!? 0 catches 0 targets
  2. I agree. It is too confusing and user unfriendly for sure. Much tougher to navigate compared to years past.
  3. Oh and I had Rodgers too. It’s only week 1, it’s only …
  4. I started Robinson, Zeke, and Ekler……. Not what I expected at all. The lack of touches is what I’m concerned about most. I keep telling myself it is just week 1, it is just week 1…it is just….
  5. I am baffled as well. I thought that was one of his biggest strengths!
  6. 1st half: 5 touches for 15 yards. Disappointing.
  7. WOW! I’m stunned in the other direction now! Great 2nd half.
  8. So frustrating! I’m at a loss. The team looks lost.
  9. WTF was that! What a huge letdown. Not much energy, creativity, 1v1 plays, quick touch passing. Offenses Slow and Methodical….nothing special. How is Brooks getting the most touches? And he is the guy passing it over the top to …….Canada multiple times. Who is the playmaker on this team? Pulisic needs to be moving forward not backwards as he was most of the night. Not impressed with the coaching, tactics, subbing. Big win on Wednesday and I’ll be right back on the band wagon though.
  10. USA 3-2 win! Goals, Fights, people getting hit with bottles, craziness! Penalty kick score in OT! US goalie saves a penalty kick with a couple minutes to go! I'm all in…… again!
  11. Found this years ago from Woodstock 99 and was hooked. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/qhtMtViUHpY
  12. Thrilled with the TD but I can’t figure out the Colts running back system. Would love to see more touches!
  13. Well so far it looks like you are right. Looks like he is definitely on a tight snap count. End of the 1st and Hyde 5 carries to Carson’s 2. And Hyde in the majority of the snaps.
  14. WTF!? Going against the worst rated defense in the NFL. A defense that gives up the Most fantasy points (#32) to QB’s and he has 0 TD’s and 4 turnovers!? Just when I thought I had seen it all in fantasy football!!! I blew this one.
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