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  1. Found this years ago from Woodstock 99 and was hooked. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/qhtMtViUHpY
  2. Thrilled with the TD but I can’t figure out the Colts running back system. Would love to see more touches!
  3. Well so far it looks like you are right. Looks like he is definitely on a tight snap count. End of the 1st and Hyde 5 carries to Carson’s 2. And Hyde in the majority of the snaps.
  4. WTF!? Going against the worst rated defense in the NFL. A defense that gives up the Most fantasy points (#32) to QB’s and he has 0 TD’s and 4 turnovers!? Just when I thought I had seen it all in fantasy football!!! I blew this one.
  5. Glad I picked up Carr to play vs the # 32 ranked defense in the league.
  6. Is Mike Williams playing?? Herbert 18 passes. Williams 0 catches, 0 targets.
  7. And of course the week I don’t play him after a few dud weeks. Starting him is like playing Russian Roulette. So frustrating.
  8. I've been searching and can't find a thing. Last we heard it sounded like a sprained ankle and he left the lockeroom in a walking boot but they were uncertain about the injury. That was over a week ago. I'm hope we'll hear more starting today.
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