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  1. Just came in to see if anyone knew anything about this. What happened?: ( I haven't heard anything, just the Facebook post. I last messaged with him a few weeks ago right before his trip, and all his posts have indicated he was having the time of his life. Yeah, that's what it looked like to me too. Eerie.
  2. Just came in to see if anyone knew anything about this. What happened? : (
  3. If you and Dan Gladden's Mustache made a baby, it would be awesome and hairy in a credible way.

  4. Clear out your inbox and send me shipping info for music giveaway ASAP

  5. empty your message box

  6. Thanks for the beanpies. Please don't send them by U.S. mail next time though. TIA.

  7. 5 stars for starbucks! :)

  8. You have to stop by more often to learn the driveby.

  9. Translation: mex want s to know how to do a driveby at :obc:

  10. brit> can you teach me how to throw my voice?

  11. P.S. Why the fuсk don't you have 5 stars?

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