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  1. I mean, it's not like she's licensed and can't drive. Possibly only because she's not yet licensed. Still. What in the actual hell?
  2. Nobody would be looking at an investigation into JPM and going, "Oh, hell, I need to sell all my BAC."
  3. Binance is under investigation. Why isn't this a huge positive for COIN? I get there are transactions beneficial to COIN between the two, but the people at Binance aren't going to abandon crypto. I don't see how COIN doesn't benefit from this.
  4. Pretty sure Karma is in my daughter's class. Effin millennials.
  5. @Ned's anyone into fishing thread that I ALWAYS read as "anyone into fisting" is back on page 1. You're killing me, smalls!
  6. Bought some MUDS Oct $10s for $3.30. [spoiler]I'm almost out of dry powder, which was bugging me. I had exactly $3300 in my brokerage acct, so instead of freeing up cash, I parked the rest of it. lol Solid investing philosophy![/spoiler]
  7. I doubt earnings move the needle much either way. This is all about BTC. It needs to build upward momentum again.
  8. I was on the phone with them to split a Unit into commons and warrants, and I asked the guy to check and see if there was anywhere I was missing a setting to send electronic vs paper because I've looked multiple times due to this. He said I was all set and if I was receiving paper for anything it was because they had to. The ones that come are all stocks I own in my Brokeragelink account. I never get them for my brokerage acct. Did a law/rule/reg for retirement accounts change somewhere and we missed it? Because I never used to get these.
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