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  1. I have 3 tranches of PYPL, and I was contemplating if #4 might be in order here, but they're still a little on the pricey side atm imo. Not to mention, depending on IF this happens, there's a decent chance PYPL stock replaces my PINS stock anyway.
  2. I pretty firmly believe they will crush Q3, but I also believe that's largely a product of expectations being set incredibly low after the Q2 results. And I still think it's the non-covid growth that matters most.
  3. I know ebay and pinterest don't exactly mirror each other, but that feels like an interesting little circle of life type of story. Pinterest if doing online better than ebay at this point.
  4. Sitting in Starbucks working all morning while your wife and daughter are at the beach kinda sucks (but not as much as my hotel's wifi). As does Starbucks' musical selection. Wholly unrelated: I kinda want to dance with somebody. With somebody who loves me.
  5. Haven't been able to spend much time on this stuff for a bit, for better or worse. Did jump on long enough the other day to write some puts: DOCN Nov $70s @ $4.60 FLGT Oct $75s @ $1.69 (seriously thinking about closing this one already)
  6. They have more competitors with deep pockets and similar infrastructure in existence, though. I'm not a "need my companies to be currently profitable" person. But their path to profitability is bumpy at best.
  7. Is Eagle Rare that hard for you to find? We've had bottlenecks at times around here, but a lot of Wal-Marts are selling it for $32-ish right now.
  8. I was thinking it comes to rest in the $17.50-$18 range, and if it can break through those levels to close at some point this week, $20 comes into play. But again, this is like any generic real estate mogul playing President on TV. Complete amateurism here.
  9. Oh, no. Do whatever you think you should do. I'm just trying to gather opinions. This is gut and an ignorant person looking at charts. Nothing more. I am not a technical guy
  10. I don't know. If the market doesn't create headwinds, it feels like there's lots of room to run here.
  11. The beginning of a nice multi-day SOFI run or an exit point before potentially reloading?
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