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  1. Everybody on the planet, except two guys in Chad who store their Francs in the rotting corpse of a cheetah, has refinanced in the last year. And rates are rising. What's the bull case here?
  2. Imagine reading this sentence a decade ago and NOT thinking it was... something else.
  3. You should really be asking Sideshow Bob. THAT GUY is a genius.
  4. But I'm just an internet moron who knows next to nothing. So :shurg:
  5. I think there was causation last time. Most of this (so far) is completely unrelated imo. Interest rates rising = risk off makes sense. If institutions start taking losses significant enough to trigger margin calls again, then I think you're back to this driving down the prices of other equities, as forced selling of other positions kicks in.
  6. Can you get it from an IIPR property? TIA.
  7. lol "We have no revenue. And we don't really know when we will." OK. Buy! "And we're delaying a really large expenditure." Sell! Sell!!
  8. Just found a bunch of Travelers checks that are probably 15 years old. Over/Under on how many tellers at the local bank branch have to get involved before someone knows what they are/what to do with them?
  9. So you're accusing Dodds of taking our money?
  10. But then I also believe naked shorting should result in fines that make the 2020 deficit look like my 14 year-old's VHS tape budget.
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