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  1. Not yet. But I think it's a reasonable option in this space.
  2. But it's definitely getting back up there. Not everyone is in it for the long-term.
  3. Not me. I'm holding mine until the rapture. Or cirrhosis.
  4. Might be a little overbought here. This will be a tough price to sustain until next earnings cycle, I think.
  5. And with that, I'll leave the rest out of stonks and move to stocks/options. Sorry 'bout that.
  6. Covered 1 Have a June $35 that I'll let expire, unless I see something in the next few days that I feel the need to buy or write. The new one I'll likely cover before July with a nice pop that gets it to 50+% earned.
  7. Just realized why you asked about meme. I didn't intend to put this in the Stonk Thread. My bad.
  8. Selling, yes. Meme? No. Though you'll find some people on other reddit subs that like shipping stocks an awful lot. Container shipping.
  9. If it's down again tomorrow, I'll likely be buying more calls.
  10. ZIM July $40 Puts for $2.40. If it wants to just keep ping-ponging between $40 and $46ish, I can live with that. I still think the $50s are inevitable.
  11. SPACs seem to be getting pretty much universally hammered today. I assume we owe a thank you note to RIDE.
  12. If the company is "worth" $300+, wouldn't it be preferable for them to NOT be completing their stock sale at $212?
  13. The most offensive thing in there is that someone thinks Gisele Bundchen is qualified to advise on governance issues.
  14. Was briefly under $42 this morning, while I was still snoozing. That's pretty much my write point for puts. Sad I missed it. Looking to re-initiate my positions.
  15. Why don't I remember what this is? What's the deal here?
  16. Love you, brother. You're a special person, and I don't mean that in the same way your teachers used to say it to you. Looking forward to the cat shirt pic with the hot nurse in the recover room.
  17. I also moved some cash into ibonds and will probably max that for the foreseeable future. It's a built-in inflation hedge. I would think inflation benefits payment companies. Fewer transactions necessary for the same throughput, you could see balances start to rise as spending increases, V and MA would benefit from any increases in interest rates that might become necessary, and to me they're great reopening plays anyway. Especially as travel starts to pick up again (AXP?) and unemployment decreases. Personal savings rates aren't going to set records forever. And nobody is going to start
  18. This was a real post, btw. It happened. But so was the statement that some of it is quality and deserves attention. You just have to sift through to find the people who seem credible, and even a fair amount of that involves sifting through the shtick of the credible. u/Hundhaus has made me some serious money in container shipping stocks. And I'm still holding ZIM and churning ZIM options because I've grown more comfortable with them than the rest, right or wrong.
  19. Thank you. I don't doubt that they would. I just haven't/hadn't seen anything in Cohen's tweets referencing synthetics.
  20. I don't think I ever called for another thread. And I have no hate. If you can't answer a question, just say I don't have a good answer for that. It's OK.
  21. Dodds, I think you mistake, "I'm skeptical and want to understand how you get from point A to point QQQ, because a lot of the things you're saying evolve from 1 day to the next without context and often (as in the case of Ryan Cohen's tweets mean... anything at all) without the ability to readily substantiate." Don't confuse that with hating the company, the investors, the movement... the anything. I am pain in the ### question guy, who doesn't often just follow for ####s and giggles. It is known. @General Malaise
  22. DD at Reddit means a (often wild-###) theory about something supported by < > Sometimes < > represents really great information someone put a lot of time, effort, and thought into. It makes sense, it contains facts, actual analysis, and sound conclusions. Sometimes < > represents "That tweet was a gif from Ted 2. In Europe, they called Ted 2, 'T2'. Someone made a post a month ago that said T+2 was important. What Ryan is saying is "Keep an eye on the FTDs by watching the T+2." BOOM Stonks!
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