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  1. Sitting in Starbucks working all morning while your wife and daughter are at the beach kinda sucks (but not as much as my hotel's wifi). As does Starbucks' musical selection. Wholly unrelated: I kinda want to dance with somebody. With somebody who loves me.
  2. Haven't been able to spend much time on this stuff for a bit, for better or worse. Did jump on long enough the other day to write some puts: DOCN Nov $70s @ $4.60 FLGT Oct $75s @ $1.69 (seriously thinking about closing this one already)
  3. They have more competitors with deep pockets and similar infrastructure in existence, though. I'm not a "need my companies to be currently profitable" person. But their path to profitability is bumpy at best.
  4. Is Eagle Rare that hard for you to find? We've had bottlenecks at times around here, but a lot of Wal-Marts are selling it for $32-ish right now.
  5. I was thinking it comes to rest in the $17.50-$18 range, and if it can break through those levels to close at some point this week, $20 comes into play. But again, this is like any generic real estate mogul playing President on TV. Complete amateurism here.
  6. Oh, no. Do whatever you think you should do. I'm just trying to gather opinions. This is gut and an ignorant person looking at charts. Nothing more. I am not a technical guy
  7. I don't know. If the market doesn't create headwinds, it feels like there's lots of room to run here.
  8. The beginning of a nice multi-day SOFI run or an exit point before potentially reloading?
  9. It sucks that you have to deal with this. Personally, I think the Vax or Test direction is the way to go in these instances, but it's not like you can control your customer's policies. Has anyone reached out to them to have a conversation and make sure you fully understand their position on this and let them know it will impact their staffing? Sometimes written policy and policy practice aren't exactly the same.
  10. Even though his posts reek of DeSantis, I think he's actually in Pennsylvania. hth
  11. My father refers to them as Demoncrats. I'm pretty sure they both believe both things about the other side. They're both right. And becoming righter by the day.
  12. I remember Chris Loxton telling me about a guy from NY who told him he needed to charge more. The guy was mad he couldn't take his $40 bottle of wine home and brag to his friends about the $100+ bottle of wine he'd found that they HAD to try.
  13. I mean, I can afford the bottle of Pappy rye I was lucky enough to buy. But if I knew somebody would give me $1200 for it, I'd gladly sell it.
  14. Yep. They put it into a fund and rolled it into the 401k.
  15. I suppose I missed the thing that caused me to post this in the first place. Does it really matter? Probably not, except that I never reinvested the dividend. I got a check for it every year, and now if I take it I'll get penalized 10% for something that was never truly retirement money. And the only alternative is having it reinvest in the company's stock, which I already have too much of (which is why I always wanted to just receive those funds in the first place. It helped fund my initial brokerage account). Just frustratingly unnecessary.
  16. It's certainly possible they're starting to lose some of the leverage they seemed to have. Maybe too many options for getting into BTC these days. But it also always seems to me like they respond better to momentum. One-off pops are one thing. But when you start to see the continued price appreciation that might indicate we're off and running, it just feels like that's when they start to outperform BTC. Haven't seen @hooter311 around in a while. Don't know if he has thoughts here.
  17. The one they had in Peoria was incredibly busy. Seemingly always packed, caused traffic issues at times, etc. Their solution
  18. That said, their decisioning wrt location selection is... questionable, at best.
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