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  1. Going to have a hell of a time figuring out which one is postingIke only posts when I'm drunk. So, if it's after 5:00 is from Ike.
  2. As someone who was recently on the other side of this, everything you do helps, even if it doesn't produce immediate results.There were days when my wife would single handendly keep my head above water all while I looked like I was flailing down. Its hard, but she can make it through. I'm assuming she's on medication. If not, get that taken care of ASAP. She's actually transitioning from one medication that the doctor said wasn't working anymore (clearly) to Lexapro. The doctor said the transition would be hard and it definitely has been. She's starting to see a therapist tonight. I'm hoping
  3. Ok, now I can shamelessly insert myself into the GMTAN without having to read 5k pages. I'm in!
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