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  1. Really? I like the last half of Season 6, but no way would I put it even close to 1, 2, or 3. Even 6B on its own wouldn't touch them. But, hey, that's me.I don't consider 6A and 6B the same season. 6B is easily on par with 1 and 2, imo. 6A is my least favorite. 6B = definitely one of the top three seasons. I'm starting to think that the second to last episode was the greatest ever.I also think that 5 doesn't get enough love. 4 was legitimately criticized, though I enjoyed it.
  2. What about those of us who have always understood that and still didn't care much for the ending?if you didn't like the ending that's fine....but to all those who didn't think there was closure....there was.I disagree. There was no closure whatsoever. The series didn't end; it just went on and on and on.Yea I get it. Like I said before, it's been done. The "it's not really an ending" ending. I just don't see the creativity or originality in that.So you only would have liked one of the following options:a) Tony deadb) Tony in jailc) Tony in witness protection?Maybe I'm not 100% right here, but the "apologists" have provided some damn good explanation on why it was "really an ending"This is a great posting. Just because the show didn't end with one of the three most obvious scenarios coming to pass doesn't mean that the final episode wasn't great. This wasn't a show that spoonfed its audience, and that wasn't going to change now.
  3. Meadow wants to be a lawyer to help the downtrodden Italians. She discovered her calling after all the times the FBI hauled her father out of his home and trampled on his rights. That would be fine and good if she didnt know who her dad is and what he does. For years, she has thrown back at him that she knows what his business is.The whole exchange was a joke. It would have been a great scene if Tony would have told Meadow to go save some sick babies instead of guys like him.No, I think it says something about the extent to which people will go to rationalize/justify their own behavior, or the behavior of those close to them. Meadow knows deep down that her father is a criminal, but doesn't want to deal with it.
  4. I think he just grew fond of Tony -- thus, the "we're going to make it out of this" comment (which was kind of ridiculous --would he really be so dumb as to blurt that out?)
  5. what was the reference to Meadow's "switching birth controls"?
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