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  1. Jesus. Missed an XP and a 40 yarder last week. Another XP tonight and almost missed the 39 yarder earlier. After making two 58 yarders to win in week 2. Maybe they need to get a couple holding penalties to push him back.
  2. Two TD passes for Mahomes on underhand tosses. I know that’s the rule but just seems unmanly to get credited for TD passes on those lol
  3. How come Hoyer didn’t get that call earlier? Inquiring minds want to know.
  4. Agree. I hate sliding protection overall. It put defensive players at even more of a disadvantage. On the TD run by Darnold, he kind of faked a slide and the Denver DB held up. If QBs run, they should be able to be hit.
  5. Haven’t seen much of Ruggs. What have you liked other than the pure speed?
  6. So the guy who is twice as good as Zeke can’t run it in from the one on 3 tries simply because they didn’t have the right personnel for his skill set? Gotcha 👍
  7. Yep. Drafted inside. 12 of 14 showed up, with the other two drafting on-line. I set up the seating with good spacing so nobody felt uncomfortable. A couple guys with masks. All good.
  8. Not sure why the laughing at Baalke for that one. Miller was a 7th rounder who turned into an excellent lead blocker. Can’t really blame Baalke for Miller being a psycho a few years later. I prefer to scoff at the entire 2012 draft Edit to add I actually read the whole post now. Didn’t even know Baalke was with the Jags.
  9. I think Breida is on the team unless someone makes a solid offer (4th rounder). He’s just a much better runner than Coleman. When they signed Coleman, a lot was made of his potential in the passing games which never developed. If McKinnon is healthy, that will be his role and Breida will be the back up to Mostert. Too much was made of the fumbles last year. He had 2 against Atlanta (1 lost), which played a big part in them losing that game. He had another in mop up duty in the playoffs against Minnesota. That was a weird play though. Got tackled but ended up face up on a pile and defensive player was able to strip the ball since he wasn’t technically down. 4 lost fumbles in 381 carries. 5 YPC for his career and a solid receiver. 3 million pretty reasonable. I think Coleman is let go, not Breida.
  10. While I like Wirfs, I think the play here would be to grab Javon Kinlaw as a replacement for Buckner. Keeping the D-line dominant is key to their success. I think Staley plays a couple more years, and they have Brunskill and Coleman available in case of injury, so OT can wait a year to prioritize. Would love to have Lamb or Jeudy of course, but drafting D-line in the 1st is kind of a 49er thing.
  11. Yeah, hate to see Buckner go. One of my favorite Niners, but it’s the nature of the salary cap game. Getting the #13 overall in a deep draft is more than I expected. Nice work Lynch.
  12. Chad Johnson officially changed his name prior to the 2008 season and his career spiraled down after that. Maybe it was coincidence and he just dropped off at age 30 (although had a decent season in 2009). Always seemed to me that he kind of became an entertainer instead of a football player after the name change and lost his focus. Unfortunate, as he was a fun guy to watch. Watched a lot of Bengal games on the ticket when he and TJ were lighting it up with Palmer.
  13. Matt Ryan and Michael Vick over Julio? Only 7 defensive players listed as the top player. Tarkington over Alan Page is one that really jumps out at me.
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