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  1. Not sure why the laughing at Baalke for that one. Miller was a 7th rounder who turned into an excellent lead blocker. Can’t really blame Baalke for Miller being a psycho a few years later. I prefer to scoff at the entire 2012 draft Edit to add I actually read the whole post now. Didn’t even know Baalke was with the Jags.
  2. While I like Wirfs, I think the play here would be to grab Javon Kinlaw as a replacement for Buckner. Keeping the D-line dominant is key to their success. I think Staley plays a couple more years, and they have Brunskill and Coleman available in case of injury, so OT can wait a year to prioritize. Would love to have Lamb or Jeudy of course, but drafting D-line in the 1st is kind of a 49er thing.
  3. Yeah, hate to see Buckner go. One of my favorite Niners, but it’s the nature of the salary cap game. Getting the #13 overall in a deep draft is more than I expected. Nice work Lynch.
  4. Kind of wondering about this too. D Lineman are getting mauled and no calls. Especially easy to see the missed calls when the QBs are under pressure and get out of the pocket. I like less penalties overall, but they need to call the blatant ones that effect the play.
  5. Good first half and then totally ignored the 2nd half. Don’t get it. A big reason they lose a close one tonight.
  6. A true WTF moment when I saw the formation. I doubt anyone on Oakland thought they would run it, so the play fake was useless. Take Jones and Golladay off the field and throw to the 3rd string TE? Pure genius!
  7. Yeah, they definitely miss the deep threat Jackson gave them. The rest of the WRs are pretty pedestrian guys and Agholor has been brutal with the drops. Trying to be patient with him fantasy wise as his playoff schedule is pretty cush. Giants at home, Redskins and Dallas at home.
  8. There is a large percentage of posters here who can predict injury (and apparently sickness as well). I envy them.
  9. Good lord. The guy is going into his 3rd year. Solid rookie season and then the ACL in preseason last year. You act like this has been going on for 5 years.
  10. Big if for sure. Price is right though, so I’ll be rolling the dice on him in the 8/9 area where he is going now. Not much risk there for a guy with nice upside.
  11. Would be a great move. Kind of the missing piece to their offense and they are in the window to go for it now.
  12. Looking ahead to playoffs, Bengals have week 15 at home against the Raiders which should be pretty tasty. Pair them with the Patriots who have Miami on the road week 14 and Buffalo at home week 16. Patriots will probably be dropped in a lot of leagues on their week 11 bye.
  13. Yeah, have him in 2 of my 4 leagues. My only regret is I don't have him in the other two. Becoming a triple threat now too. Receiving and rushing TDs this year, and now adding those passing yards and TDs ? Stay hot Emmanuel
  14. I did in two leagues. Early in season so can afford to roster 2 defenses for a few weeks until you see how it plays out.
  15. Wish they would announce the full trade. Raider fans think they are getting Smith too.
  16. Congrats Bears fans. That D is gonna be NASTY. A true game changing defensive player.
  17. Yeah, only a couple really good passes the entire game. The long play to Walker was well thrown and the TD that Walker dropped. The Matthews long TD was blown coverage. Nobody near him and he made an excellent run after the catch. A lot of throws behind the receivers and a couple of the INTs were brutally bad. Davis has a lot to learn obviously, but Mariota played a really bad game.
  18. Davis or Cobb for me. Davis seems more likely to score a TD, so rolling with him.
  19. But they can run the ball, so at least they have that threat, which should help the crappy receivers somewhat. Having someone who can deliver the ball more accurately and on-time should help too. This is assuming Trubisky will do that better than Glennon which is a pretty safe bet based on his play this year.
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