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  1. From what I have opened and seen opened its got a nice amount of good cards as far as both color and ink goes.
  2. Could make a lot of money at a casino by betting the match to go the distance I'd imagine.
  3. MySlabs is a great avenue for selling wax whenever you're ready. Short but thorough sellers application and they only take 1-2% of your sale total. Also no buyer is allowed to return their purchase for idiotic reasons as they do not don't give the buyers every out imaginable like Ebay does. https://myslabs.com/slab/view/249776/
  4. Not always the way it works because the market is sooooo reactionary to individual player performances its insane. Many people now in the hobby don't care to understand how slumps/adjustment time in baseball work. Vlad Jr. Chrome rookie cards could have been bought dirt cheap in bulk this winter. Now they are 4x-5x the price they were in February. If he falls off a cliff for just a week or gets a month long DL stint then the price is going to tank back down to February levels. If you're going the route of single player cards and are trying to earn an ROI you need to check in on the
  5. This should be the focus right here. Check the site tomorrow morning between 6-7am and look for blaster or mega boxes. Was able to get the max amount of each last week and it's en route.
  6. There will be no correction on sealed product, as that is relatively stable. Especially if you get your hands on the retail wax from Target at 20 bucks a shot. I do agree you'll see a correction with ####ty player single cards in the coming months but if the plan is to keep sealed until 2022 then it's +EV on the value and could return a nice profit. Sealed product is where you want to be right now unless you love to gamble and don't care about losing your initial investment.
  7. Thanks to all in here who helped with advice on getting my funds out of Bittrex. Had a nice stash still waiting for me that I successfully got to my Exodus wallet. As someone who's now safely holding a large amount of ADA and hasn't payed attention for years what's the conservative estimate by years end? $4?
  8. Have A 15 year bottle bought in 2016. Found a 15 year and a 23 that year. Sold the 23 year to a wine somol. In NYC in 2017 via Craigslist but that was a process.
  9. Is there a secondary market/site for bourbon these days? I stashed away a few bottles of Pappy back in 2016. Interesed in the current demand on those.
  10. Unless you are a NY resident, which I learned this week when trying to do this. How long am I going to have to wait this out?
  11. If you're looking for a rush attempt stats already gave him one .
  12. He doubled up alright, then got locked out from making a play on the eagles game. http://www.espn.com/chalk/story/_/id/25756205/draftkings-sports-betting-national-championship-ends-controversy-leader-prevented-making-final-wager
  13. Really enjoy any game Romo calls. He gets so fired up at the height of close and important games. Him doing Steelers v. Pats this year was awesome. Like a kid on Christmas
  14. I agree with this. My 12 year old daughter enjoys it and an even older kid may pick up on some of the sneaky one liners. The writing is really good for a family show. I really enjoy the show with my kids and Neil Patrick Harris kills it like Jayrod said.
  15. Best chance to get out of their group. Egypt Senegal or Morocco?
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