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  1. Have A 15 year bottle bought in 2016. Found a 15 year and a 23 that year. Sold the 23 year to a wine somol. In NYC in 2017 via Craigslist but that was a process.
  2. Is there a secondary market/site for bourbon these days? I stashed away a few bottles of Pappy back in 2016. Interesed in the current demand on those.
  3. Unless you are a NY resident, which I learned this week when trying to do this. How long am I going to have to wait this out?
  4. If you're looking for a rush attempt stats already gave him one .
  5. He doubled up alright, then got locked out from making a play on the eagles game. http://www.espn.com/chalk/story/_/id/25756205/draftkings-sports-betting-national-championship-ends-controversy-leader-prevented-making-final-wager
  6. Really enjoy any game Romo calls. He gets so fired up at the height of close and important games. Him doing Steelers v. Pats this year was awesome. Like a kid on Christmas
  7. I agree with this. My 12 year old daughter enjoys it and an even older kid may pick up on some of the sneaky one liners. The writing is really good for a family show. I really enjoy the show with my kids and Neil Patrick Harris kills it like Jayrod said.
  8. Best chance to get out of their group. Egypt Senegal or Morocco?
  9. Went in April and had a good time. Everyone we met and spoke with said April and May are the worst months for wind. Played golf at Tierra Del Sol and it felt like 36 holes after 4 hours with a 25mph sustained wind.
  10. Great day at Epcot. Got the big 3 in but the touring suggestions online clamoring for Frozen as your Tier 1 FP kinda backfired today. 60 minute wait tops today for that while TestTrack and Soarin were routinely at 2 hr until dinner time.
  11. That was the posted time Monday and Tuesday. I bet it was probably longer and a cast member said they expect 4+ hours this weekend.
  12. 3.5 hour FoP wait this week. Kudos to those families who can actually survive a 210 minute line for a 5 minute ride. 20 minutes after rope drop the wait was at 3 hours. They must have done an amazing job with the queue because from the outside you can't see any lines.
  13. Learned this week it's pretty much impossible to get fastpass for FoP when you're staying off property and have a 30 day window. I keep hearing that things will open up between now and April but I don't see it. What's the plan if we don't get one? Wake up early for the rope drop or attempt to get a fast pass after using the initial 3?
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