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  1. I am not watching the game. (Not on TV here.) But been following the stats online. It's hard to imagine Wilson not winning the job based on the numbers. Wow!
  2. Wow, this thread at nine pages and counting. Kudos to everyone that got on the bandwagon early.
  3. Take a look at this link: Russell Wilson an instant hit in Seattle. This quote jumped out at me: So looking at a couple of news articles, it seems like the chronology is:- Carroll says it's clearly Flynn-1, Jackson-2, Wilson-3. - All of the sudden, Wilson is "in the hunt" for the starting quarterback job. - Carroll says Flynn will start both preseason games. - Wilson moves to #2 on the depth chart. - Now, it appears there is a possibility Wilson might start the next preseason game. I'll be really interested to see who starts this preseason game. I actually think it likely will be Flynn. Regardless, I think the trend here suggests that Wilson has a legit chance at the job.
  4. I might recommend that if you make the call you might wait until this Viacom situation is resolved. I made the call yesterday and it just seemed to complicate things. I got it done, but it took longer than I would have liked. Background: Long time customer. We pay the bill on time. I call and complain every year and get free ticket. I actually called in April to complain about a mistake/runaround I had with DTV and they gave me $200 in credits then, so I figured they might be reluctant to give up the ST since I just got free goodies. (I call, get voice prompt. Instead of going to the usual menu options, the computer voice says something like "if you're calling to complain about Viacom, please say "Yes", to which I reply "cancel service".) Operator: How can I help you? Me: I'm ready to cancel. Cable is much cheaper. I subscribed originally only for ST, now you've price me out. This Viacom deal is the last straw. Operator: But sir, don't you know that we have other channels *like* Comedy Central and Nick? Me: That's ridiculous. I want what I paid for. Regardless, I know you can't magically snap your finger and make those channels reappear. You can give me free Sunday Ticket to ease my pain. Operator: Oh sir *I* can't do that, you'll have to talk to customer retention. Me: What? I thought you were customer retention. Please transfer me. (On hold for ten minutes) Operator 2: Hello sir. How can I help you? Me: (Repeats above) Operator 2: But sir, did you know these channel disputes don't usually last long? You should write Viacom a letter. Also, I can point you to at a website with the latest news on the dispute. Me: I don't care about any of that, I just want you to comp Sunday Ticket. Operator 2: Oh, sir I can't do that. You want to talk to customer retention. Me: What? I was told I was being trasferred to customer retention. Operator 2: I'll transfer you now. (On hold for almost 20 minutes.) Operator 3: Hello sir. How can I help you? Me: Before I say anything, I need to confirm you're the customer retention rep. Operator 3: Yes, I am. Me: Well, I'm unhappy with my service. I'd like free Sunday ticket. Operator: Give me one second. OK, sure. You've got it, anything else? So the point of the above, was that at least for me, this far and away the easiest negotiation I've had with them, but it took quite awhile to get connected to the correct person. I am guessing if you wait until the Viacom situation is resolved, your call may go a lot quicker.
  5. What did you say?Didn't paste the details as they are similar to what many others have posted.Called DirecTV. At the menu said "cancel service". The robot voice asked if I really wanted to cancel. Said "yes. One ring and connected to an operator. She greeted me by telling me she was happy to have me as a customer since 2001. I immediately told her that the reason I signed with DirecTV was to get the Sunday Ticket. However, they'd priced me out and the wife and I had decided we can't afford it anymore. Since I wasn't buying the ticket there was no reason to stick around unless they could entice me to stay, I'd be switching to cable.She immediately said "Would you stay if we could offer you the Sunday ticket at half price?" I replied "Can you do any better than that?" She replied "Well, I'm authorized to give you the Sunday Ticket for Free." I told her to go ahead. She fiddled around on her computer and it was a done deal.You don't have to haggle much. I think if you're a customer for any length of time, and have generally paid your bill on time, they'll throw the kitchen sink at you if you ask for it.
  6. Just got the ticket for free. Five minute call. Easy like Sunday Morning.
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