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  1. Need two from Carson, Ekeler, Drake, Cook/Boone, Mostert, Bell. If the Vikes weren't playing Monday I might have started Boone with Carson, so instead I'm leaning Carson and Ekeler. Thanks Sig and have a great Christmas down there!
  2. Hi Bloom, Do or die! All TDs 6 points, 10 yds/pt, non-PPR. Need 2 RBs from Cook, Carson, Guice, Ekeler, Bell, Mostert - based on trust your gut I’m leaning Cook and Guice, though head says Carson over Guice. My opponent has Mattison 🙂 Need 2 WRs from Hopkins, Lockett and Westbrook - not sure if I can trust Lockett. Thanks!
  3. Hi Bloom, Non-ppr, 1 pt/10yds, 6 pts/TD, need three WRs from Lockett, Pascal, G Tate and A.J. Brown. Non-ppr, 1 pt/10 yds, 6 pts/TD, need two RBs from Cook, Bell, Carson and Damien Williams Thanks!
  4. Hi Bloom, Lamar vs the Pats D or Minshew vs Texans in London? 6 pts/TD, 1pt/25 yds passing, 1pt/10 yds/rush, -2pts int, -1pt FL Thanks!
  5. Hi Bloom, 1pt/10yds, 6pts/TD, non-PPR. Need three WRs from Nuk, Lockett, Boyd, Lazard, Robby Anderson. Thanks!
  6. This weeks leader survived by just 0.70 points last week 🙂
  7. Hi, non-ppr, need two from Lockett, Boyd, D Robinson and Metcalf. thanks!
  8. Hi Sig, thanks for your help. Standard, non-ppr need two RBs from Cook, Ekeler, Bell, Carson, M Brown need two WRs from Lockett, Boyd, Metcalf, AJ Brown cheers!
  9. Listed as questionable but I haven't seen any updates on an injury - any locals know what's going on?
  10. Newton vs LA Rams or Jackson vs Dolphins? Having a hard time separating them. Thanks!
  11. Hey Bloom, last week you advised Peterson over Cohen and, though I was cursing after the 1st quarter, you were right! need 2 RBs from Conner, Peterson, Cohen, Chubb, Collins. Conner didn’t too well at home to the Ravens, should I consider (gasp) benching him this week? thanks, oh wise one!
  12. Hi Bloom, Frustrated Fournette owner here. Both Dion Lewis and Hyde are FAs in my league (non-PPR), so considering the possibility that Conner loses significant value when Bell comes back (though that could dovetail with Fournette's return), would you drop any of the below to grab one of Hyde or Lewis? RB: Conner, Fournette, Cohen, Chubb, Peterson, Collins WR: Evans, Boyd, John Brown, Doug Baldwin TE: Engram (have Gronk, but he's a risk for Monday) Thanks!
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