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  1. LMAO Peter Lynch is calling this stock a meme in a book he wrote years ago.
  2. Looks like market makers aren't happy with the games being played. I see a lot of red pre-market in my watchlists.
  3. ETSY getting an upgrade from a Elon Musk tweet. The market is rational...
  4. Interesting tweet from Dr. Bruce: https://twitter.com/brucep13/status/1349392672188887047
  5. I don't know about the math but look at that twitter account's history. He tweets every day about CytoDyn only in a negative light. Seems like an obvious short interest.
  6. That's awfully positive spin for a guy that played like crap and had a bad attitude on top of it.
  7. I have some shares but am content holding into next year. It's a sleepy stock trading within a narrow range for a few months now. I would wait to buy below $20. It will make a run eventually. They plan to do a $1B buyback program at some point.
  8. I'm holding into 2021 too. They have a lot of marketing and new stores stocking their products to come.
  9. Same here. Rode out all the ups and downs and continued to hold. Bought the bulk of my shares at .29 & .49. Now it get's exciting with the tax implications out of the way.
  10. I tend to agree. He looks like the reincarnation of Michael Thomas. Total mismanagement by Eagles coaches.
  11. It's not the first time either. There was a 2pt attempt a couple weeks ago he didn't even run his route and gave away points.
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