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  1. A DOCSIS 3.1 modem is still worth getting as long as your local ISP supports it. It uses entirely different channels than previous DOCSIS specs. If your area has low adoption of DOCSIS 3.1 you will be getting the best speeds possible with less competition for bandwidth. I upgraded my modem last year and now get 25% MORE bandwidth than I'm paying for.
  2. Seems like Tyreek Hill is on a snap count today.
  3. I thought the usage looked very good. But the LV offense had a bad night overall. Jacobs stayed in for 3 downs on most of the drives. And was split out wide quite a bit getting targets.
  4. Were they all WR screens? How did he possibly avg 4.8 yds per reception?
  5. They changed the dosing from subcutaneous to IV and increased from two doses to four per week. I'm actually interested to see how this plays out.
  6. Jamarr Chase continues to shy away from contact and drops another one.
  7. The classic cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and ketchup. No mustard. Mustard goes on hot dogs and brats.
  8. Not sure how significant this is but it's at least positive news: https://www.briefing.com/in-depth-analysis/Content/Article?ArticleId=IN20210706060530CYDY "Updated: 06-Jul-21 06:05 ET CYDY: CytoDyn granted a significant patent by USPTO for methods of treating coronavirus infection with Leronlimab (1.70) The Patent is owned by CytoDyn and its term of protection is expected to extend at least until June 15, 2040. The USPTO prioritized examination of CytoDyn's patent application, resulting in the grant of this Patent under the USPTO's COVID-19 Prioritized Examination Pilot Program in just about 1 year."
  9. There's a quote I always liked for this: "An expert is someone who's made every mistake possible in a very narrow field" It feels especially true in tech and the trades.
  10. I thought that dip in VTI yesterday all in the last hour looked suspicious.
  11. I've been working from home for years prior to the pandemic starting. All of these make a difference it just depends on your preferences: A good chair, something with a mesh back like an Aeron. Motorized stand up desk. When I had a manual crank desk I rarely stood up. 1 large monitor or dual monitors A good keyboard & mouse, something like the Logitech MX Master/Keys. Chair mat Speakers for music, much more comfortable than wearing headphones all day. A window view if possible
  12. Thank God they didn't create another QB controversy. Wouldn't have minded a bunch of other positions. But a Heisman WR works too.
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