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  1. Sorry to hear that. Same with elderly parents who were forced to die alone. Criminal. IMO.
  2. So we get fined if we dont have health insurance but democrats want to give it to illegals for free. Think about that.
  3. Illigal aliens. And they are breaking the law.
  4. You need to evaluate who you are as a person because as of right now you come across as an awful human. Asking this tells me this is your ONLY friend.
  5. KIDS ARE IN CAGES PEOPLE!!! C. A. G. E. S. !!! Throw covid in and Biden may unintentionally kill more people than Cuomo did. Good job Dems. Good job. His policies are clueless. Wait, he doesn’t have a policy. “Just come”, isn’t a policy.
  6. So are you calling that illegal a liar who said point blank when interviewed he wouldnt have came had Trump been president? OK then.
  7. To who Mexico? IDGAF. We shouldn't be trying to solve the worlds problems, we have enough of our own. The fact is Trumps policies were effective keeping illegals out or at least slowing them down.
  8. The worst part of all of this is who hasn't done or said things in their past that they are ashamed of?
  9. To even try to spin this as anything to do with Trump is EXTREMELY dishonest. Own this mess. Biden should have never said "Come to the border" or whatever it was AND signed the EO's weakening the borders ON HIS FIRST DAY. KIDS ARE IN OBAMA'S CAGES right now. Thats why no media has been allowed. You all would be going bannanas if trump banned the media and please dont say differently. The best thing to happen to the Republicans was this last election. Your team owns this whole mess and will pay midterms.
  10. Reinstall Trumps policies. Problem solved. Like him or not the border was more secure and orderly. The reason the media is not allowed there now is because the crap show we all think it is, is in reality worse.
  11. I’ve said this here before but for me the book by Alan Carr “stop drinking”, got me to quit. I was a problem drinker not an alcoholic. I read his book and just stopped. Been like 5 years I believe now. Still go out, still have fun except now when I wake up after going out feeling fresh I think to myself “Man I am so glad I don’t drink”, as I know my buddies are suffering.
  12. I don’t like replying to you and this is why. You can’t even see why this would be offensive
  13. I see Trump is solving the Middle East’s problems between breakfeast and lunch.
  14. How can such an offensive thread like this even be allowed? It’s no wonder there are no conservatives here. And this is an example of why I don’t believe the polls. What a disgusting question and thread.
  15. Is this the part of the city where they used sledgehammers to smash into the bank? I'm sure they just wanted to get some suckers and dog treats. Plus it was only a window they destroyed so yeah.
  16. Until its YOUR broken glass door. It brings me joy and makes my heart sing when I see police arrest these folks.
  17. Feds are gone. Thought riots would stop according to the berry pickers in here.
  18. Too good to check: Seattle radio host denies riots are happening until his apartment is looted Maybe there’s more involved then berry pickers? I find this story hilliarious, dude was denying riots but now is going to buy a gun. Funny how things change.
  19. Maybe the looting and burning down of neighborhoods has something to do with this??
  20. Agree. I feel that way about pretty much everyone who open carries. Whats the need to show it? I never open carry. Always concealed and I NEVER look for trouble. Thats the last thing i want. However if I was in my car and a dude pointed an AK or any other firearm at me, you bet he's going to get some. I would not be anywhere close to an area where something like this was going on either. Not sure if driver just got caught up in it or was looking for it.
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