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  1. I got a 17 day ban a while back for something I thought would fly before the current restrictions. Didn't post for a couple of months. I came back part time after that and within a day was getting posts deleted that weren't remotely off-color. That was about it. I came back to try to get people to watch my buddy's TV show and because I heard otb_lifer came back to talk Triple Crown. Now that those things are over, I don't really have anything more to do here. The only reason I really used to post here was to try to make people laugh. I derive a lot of joy from thinking that I put a smile on someone's face, especially the great people here. If I can't do that, and I can't seem to under the auspices of the new PG FFA, I have no raison d'etre. I think of amusing posts or anecdotes all the time and where I used to post them, I now swallow them. I'll still pop in from time to time and read, but likely won't post much, if at all. My time here appears to be at an end, at least in the way it once was. I wish everyone here a lifetime of happiness and laughter. I firmly believe this is the finest group of people assembled anywhere on the internet. I love you all.
  2. Keyed Tacitus with Tax, War of Will, Sir Winston, and Intrepid Heart. F'n Joevia. All he had to do was fade like he was supposed to and I would have cashed a pretty nice ticket. On the plus side, it was a great day hanging with my brothers. Got completely hammered and a very slimmed down Yngwie was throwing gas all night. Also threw a guitar pick right into my beer from 20 yards away. I'm pretending he intended to do it.
  3. I will. He definitely beefed up there for a while, but recent photos I've seen indicated he lost a lot of that weight.
  4. I couldn't believe it. At 35-1, that meant (in theory) there was a 97.2% chance she was going to be thanking me afterward for saving her $45. Seeing as I had about $5 to my name, her getting felted would have left us in pretty awkward spot for the next week. I thought I was doing her (and myself) a huge favor and that she'd be lavishing me with praise (via BJs) for my financial prudence, a quality she always possessed. I had never seen this type of "reckless" behavior from her before when it came to finances. Yeah.
  5. I heard he's actually slimmed back down some. We'll see, I know he was toting around a LOT of extra bulk there for a while. Getting plastered for an Yngwie concert is great - if you only remember the first 10 minutes.... you've seen everything you're going to see for the next 90 anyway. Plus, 9th row center orchestra seats were like $20 all in. And there's a sports bar/pool hall right next door that has something like 50 craft beer bottles for $4 each. Good stuff: Ballast Point Sculpin, Bell's Two Hearted, all the heavy hitters of the US craft brew scene - $4 each. PBR is $3.50.
  6. I grew up within walking distance of Freehold Raceway, that's where I cut my teeth as a budding degenerate in the late 80s, betting harness racing based pretty much solely on jockeys. Never saw thoroughbreds live until I went to my first Preakness in 1994. I still remember taking a girlfriend to the track once, she wanted to put the entire $50 she had on a horse at 35-1 based on the name. I talked her out of betting it all - back then $50 was a ton of dough for us as college kids, that kept us eating for days. She revised her bet to $5. Of course, I wouldn't be telling you this if the horse didn't win. Instead of being happy she won $175, she was cursing me for costing her $1,750 which then literally would have been like a $50K score would be for me today. I don't think she ever forgave me for that.
  7. That's what I need to do. It's going to be myself, the Ox and Yams out on the town starting about 3 PM. I can't even remember the last time the three of us were all out together with no one else, this is exceedingly rare these days. Plus, we got tickets to see Yngwie Malmsteen shred a million miles an hour and do fat, sweaty leg kicks at 9:30 PM, so a high level of inebriation is required for that.
  8. It's also dangerous for me to be walking around with the ability to wager at any track on the fly at any given moment. If I do break down, I'll use TVG on your reco - already have an account there. Although, I'm using NYRA right now b/c I have money in the account, the last 4 years I've just been setting up accounts at the start of TC season at all the major sites to take advantage of the dollar match bonuses.
  9. Damn it, I'm laughing so hard.... I gotta figure out my bets today - going to be out bar hopping tomorrow afternoon and I refuse to put any of the betting sites' mobile apps on my phone. WAY too dangerous. So, I have to get my bets down by about 1 PM EDT tomorrow. Time to get to ticket building.
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