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  1. Odd that the board chose this post to double-publish and not give me a delete option.
  2. Chet to the white courtesy phone, please. Chet. We're going to need you to go ahead and give us a thorough description of your schvantz. Omit no detail, no matter how insignificant it might seem.
  3. No way. The nuts are the pain center. If you've got a horsepenis, that's like having Shaq as your goalie in lacrosse.
  4. Don't pretend you don't want to see a schlong that's the size of an entire horse. A large one at that, by thoroughbred standards at least.
  5. I don't normally post in this thread, but this popped up when I did my weekly "masturbates" + "mountain lion" search.
  6. This thread is reminding me why I almost never post in the SP outside of the Steelers thread anymore.
  7. No, he isn't. He'll be deactivated this week and will be back on the field next week. They are not going to give him away. But feel free to die on this hill.
  8. Virtually no chance this happens. No team is going to give up anything the Steelers find more valuable than another year and a half of Martavis at almost no salary cap hit. I'd much rather work with him for the next year and change and see if there's a way to better utilize him/re-integrate him than to dump him for a late round pick. I mean, if someone came out of the clouds and said : "Hey ! We'll give you a 1st and a 3rd for Martavis," he's gone. The odds of any team offering anything even in the same area code is essentially nil. He's worth more to the Steelers even just as a decoy/re
  9. Per ESPN, today is the 4th day he's missed due to illness in the last 4 weeks. "Called out" 2 days in week 4, another in week 5 and now the day after the week 7 game. He must have a really weak immune system.
  10. I'm not going to argue with you. If you think he's a game-breaker right now and that the Steelers have decided to, whether as a punitive measure or a sign of their own ineptitude, put him in moth balls, then that's your take and you're welcome to it. I disagree. I don't believe the team would cut off its nose to spite its face in that fashion.
  11. Agreed. They also mentioned during the telecast yesterday that the Steelers are something like 18-0 when Bell has 25+ carries in his career. Those numbers may be a little off, I don't recall exactly what they said, but it was something absurd like that. The recipe for success for the Steelers is pretty simple, give Bell 25 carries, throw 25-30 times a game. Throw most of those balls to AB, if and when teams roll multiple defenders to him, take what they give you. End of story. That might mean 7-8 targets for Martavis, it might mean 2-3. Them's the breaks. I guarantee you if
  12. Thank you. I'm going to stop responding to each individual post because it's going nowhere, but it's clear Martavis won't be happy unless he's getting 8-10 looks a game, regardless of what he does with those touches. He's the #2 receiver on a team with a target vacuum (rightfully so) as the #1 and an all-world RB that commands a lot of looks. He's also being outplayed by a 20-year old rookie. If he's pissed that JuJu is getting more looks and he is getting less, maybe he should look at what he's doing with the targets he does get.
  13. OK, but if the season ended today, the Steelers would be the #1 seed in the AFC playoffs. So, I guess it isn't costing them too much in terms of wins. And even if you want to say Brown would be unaffected, why would JuJu have (essentially) the same amount of receptions and yards as Bryant (1 rec, 3 yards fewer), with triple the TD total, on 28% fewer targets? By any objective measure, Smith-Schuster has been more effective so far this year than Martavis has. If you want to know why Bryant's usage/numbers are down, you don't have to look a whole lot farther than that.
  14. Bryant - 36 targets Heyward-Bey - 1 target That's through 7 games. I understand the general nature of your point, but the hyperbole in this thread is undermining a lot of legitimate discussion.
  15. You said the Steelers deserved to lose. The transitive property would then dictate that the Bengals deserved to win. Unless you thought both teams should have been given a loss. I would have given it to Bell too - I agree with you on that. I think that was a case of doing something until someone proves they can stop it. Now they have, and I think the personnel will be different when that situation arises again, but who knows?
  16. Terrell Watson is their short yardage back. Prior to that play, he hadn't been stopped all year long on a 3rd or 4th and 1. I get that one. They do seem to have a fascination with trying for huge plays downfield on 3rd and very short. They've been doing it all year with very little success. It's one of those things where you don't have to connect at a super high rate to make it viable, because when the plays do connect, the yield is tremendous. It just hasn't been very successful thus far and I admit, it has frustrated me at times. To say they deserved to lose the game yesterday
  17. OK, but then wouldn't that "incompetence" affect everyone equally? Or are you suggesting that the "incompetence" is somehow directed solely at Bryant?
  18. Reception % (rec/targets) AB : 62% Bell : 79% Bryant : 50% JuJu : 65% James : 72% Again, that's every player averaging 2 or more targets per game. You'd expect Bell & James to be a bit higher due to the nature of the routes they run, but Bryant, JuJu, and Antonio are all in the same offense with the same QB, yet Bryant's catch rate is ~20% lower than the other two wideouts. I'd venture that his average yards traveled in the air per target is probably the lowest of the three WRs as well (nothing to back that up except watching the games - he gets a bunch of s
  19. I mean, he's third on the team in targets behind Antonio Brown and LeVeon Bell. Both of those guys are pretty good. Yards per target : Brown : 9.11 Bryant : 6.50 JuJu : 8.88 James : 6.04 Those are the only 4 guys on the team averaging >2 targets a game, aside from Bell, who isn't really comparable because he's a running back. When Bryant's YPT is comparable to the cement-footed Jesse James as opposed to Brown and Smith-Schuster, that kind of tells the story.
  20. OK, if you believe they're rolling him out there every week with a team-wide edict in place to only throw him the ball 2 or 3 times a game (as some sort of punitive freeze-out?), I won't try to talk you out of it. Maybe I'm misunderstanding your point, but I think it's far more likely that he just isn't making plays and Roethlisberger doesn't look his way as often because he doesn't have full confidence in what the results will be.
  21. I don't believe the bolded is remotely true. Why have him on the field, then? Just park him on the bench, it's not like there aren't talented players who could log snaps instead of the ones they're giving him. I watch every snap of every game and I can tell you for certain that he doesn't (yet) look like he did in 2015. He was taking short passes and turning them into huge gains on a regular basis in 2015, that isn't happening at all this year. He's getting tripped up almost immediately every time he gets the ball. He's doing way too much east-west instead of north-south - loo
  22. Eli Rogers is getting even fewer targets than Martavis. JuJu is getting more because he gets open and catches the ball. They're not punishing Martavis, he just has to make more of the plays he gets and then he'll get more.
  23. He's not getting more targets because he isn't doing anything when he gets them. Re-watch the first offensive snap of the Chicago game, he had 2 yards on the defender, Ben put it in his hands, and it went right through them. He's gotten a number of opportunities on screens and reverses as well and he's been tentative, hasn't had the holes, and goes down on first contact. He's also not getting consistent separation from defenders. If he gets open and makes plays when the ball comes to him, it will come to him more - it's really that simple.
  24. He's not a free agent at the end of the season. Thanks to his Cheech & Chong routine getting him suspended for a year, he's still on his rookie deal through the end of NEXT season. They're not dumping him for a 7th rounder.
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