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  1. I'm also a Giants fans, so......I could care less how this affects someone's fantasy team. That being said, I would expect a short window before Eli can really get the new offense running smooth. By the end of the season I think they will be doing quite well as a team. Coughlin has a real shot to make one or two runs at a championship with Eli and this offense has to be the key. If the offense never gets going, they will both be gone/benched by the end of 2015. The front office should(and probably does) feel like they have done their part. The fantasy side is not really worth discussing. I think Eli has a chance to get to the cusp of top 10, but that is his ceiling. While the offense may generate more consistency, I think it will help the Giants as a team way more than fantasy owners. Although it should create potential for Cruz to reach top 5 to 10 receiver territory. Defense might look better too, but that is basically unpredictable at this point with all the new faces and SOS. Again, I'm a fan of the team, but if you are drafting any Giants players for fantasy, you are hoping for value at that pick. My guess is Eli will be picked up in spots all season for matchup purposes. Those will be hit or miss. And if he throws 20+ interceptions again, he will be a Cardinal in 2015.
  2. Not only does the show end on Nothing. You have sixty minutes of nothing leading up to it. The whole episode jumped around sporadically. Nothing got resolved and nothing made alot of sense. Its all a big nothing.
  3. Whomever kills Tony... that's what you have to name your kid! If Tony lives, you name the kid FURIO. Baby is a girl... Girl names in remembrance of the show? Livia
  4. Do the white shoes Syl wore(took) have any connection to the shoes at Johnny Sacs bedside when he died. Is there some mob movie reference that I don't get or was it just a pair of shoes he stole off a dead guy.
  5. I did. For a brief second it looked like he was going to eat the end of that rifle.I did think the same thing. But after he had the flashback I got that he was getting nostalgic. It was the gun Bobby gave him.
  6. I think Tony dies in the first couple of minutes next week. Fast forward SEVERAL years to AJ in his "gangsta prime". He puts his family back in order takes out anybody that had anything to do with the death of his father.
  7. Edited to prevent spoiling R.I.P. Syl and Bobby. You will live on forever in syndication and on DVD. God speed.
  8. AJ referred to Livia telling him that before she died. It was when he took Tony and Carm to therapy, earlier this season.Actually, it was the last episode. I am aware of that connection, as well as the episode AJ recalls. I was wondering if there were any more. TIA
  9. I watched "Funhouse", the S2 finale, on A & E last week. When Tony awakes from his first food poison induced dream, he cries out "Its all a big nothing". Carmella says, " What?" Tony says, "Life". Is this phrase used in any other episodes?
  10. But he is using irresistable bait. Plus, every time I read his posts I imagine that little puppet is speaking.
  11. It wouldn't surprise me if "The Second Coming" wasn't a major step forward for AJ into the mob life. Just throwing it out there. It has been mentioned on this board that he might start to get involved and then end up dead. It would be interesting to see if Iler can emulate Gandolfini as an actor to in affect create AJ's transforming into Tony. I didn't think he could, but he has been money in the last two episodes IMO.
  12. 108 year-old, incredibly-unfunny Don Rickles gets top billing over him? They have something in common now. They both play dead guys on tv.
  13. I haven't said it out loud. This is just my opinion. I believe if Tony dies, big IF, then Carmella pulls the trigger. Domestic violence being the motive. AJ will most certainly be involved. Carmella hasn't had much attention this year. I expect some heavy devotion to the character during the final three eppy's.
  14. First, the conversation between Syl and "Hairdo" was also ironic. Syl basically went through the same ordeal. He was "acting" boss and had to go to the emergency room. Of course, he sticks up for Phil. Second, I think Tony is trying to care what is causing Christopher to feel the way he does. As usual he can't except his role in it. He thinks that because he ultimately didn't bang Ade that he wasn't in the wrong. He can't understand how someone continues to let drugs or booze drag them down. BUT, I don't think he can ever think of Chris as expendable. Which makes him very vulnerable. Finally, Johnny Sac was one of the top five characters of this series. I would have liked to see this drawn out over two or three episodes. It felt very rushed. But all-in-all I was happy with his exit. Great scenes. If you have ever had a loved one who has fought cancer, the first scene in the doctor's office probaby got to you. "There is no Stage 5". That gave me chills.
  15. RN, you are the ambassador for HBO. I didn't need any pep-talk to get excited about the show. But you have layed out all the goodies any Soprano contaseur could ask for. It is a sad reality that it has to end. It is even more unfortunate that it has already run its course. Not that it hasn't been very good, but it was only meant for to be great for three or four seasons(See Rome). Instead it has been great for two or three and above average for the rest IMO. There could have been alot more overlapping of storylines between characters that were shortlived. I still can't help but think that Ralphie and Tony B. could have been an amazing contrast to have as a backdrop. There are endless possiblities. I am also upset with Junior role being lessened dramatically the last two seasons. He has always been my favorite character on the show. He held it together for me in S3 and S4. He will have almost no involvement in the final episodes. Certainly not on the level he deserves. David Chase, "Go #### in your hat." Otherwise looking forward to getting the closure that we all so desperately desire. And RN so desperately needs.
  16. Last night was the first episode I saw. It was good, but I have to say, the cursing is WAY overdone. I think it gets in the way of the dialog. At times it sounds like the script is written by 13 year olds that were told "go ahead, you can curse!"The show was very good, but I was just surprised that the F-bomb was dropped so frequently that it seemed to get in the way of what otherwise seemed rather intelligent writing. BTW, I have had the same complaint about the Sopranos before, which I don't really watch either. You should watch Rome. It is very good and has very little profanity. At least for HBO standards.BTW, I thought this was the best Deadwood episode to date. Followed by one of the best episodes of Entourage to date. Followed by three lackluster minutes of Lucky Louie and me shutting off the television. Its not TV, its HBO.
  17. This is my stab at an editorial to explain the show's current direction. The fact that Hearst is commanding the show now must bother many of us. We all look forward to Al stomping on anyone who thinks they can operate without his consent. But alas, real history tells us that Al Swearengen was no where near the level of cutthroat as George Hearst. Deadwood is a microcosm of society in its early growth period. The crooks and criminals of today that make you afraid to walk down a dark alley at night still have no real place. The devils that steal from you and make you feel safe at the end of their strings are the ones who represent true evil. While Sigh Tolliver and Al Swearengen try to pull themselves out of the gutter, so to speak. Hearst swallows up every thing in his path. They are not in his league. And they know it. I guess you could look at it this way. Tolliver and Swearengen are pimps, pushers, hustlers if you will. They feed off of the weak. Hearst, on the other hand, takes whatever he wants from whoever has it. He represents all of the traits that you need to thrive in a capitolistic society. Under most circumstances, murder is the answer for Al. But he has worked very hard to build Deadwood into what it has become. That would all disintegrate if he killed Hearst. It would almost certainly draw in the leaders of the surrounding territories. Hearst's money is driving the camp. The ramifications of that are not out of Al's realm of comprehension. On the other hand, Hearst has to maintain some measure of civilized behavior in dealing with the hierarchy of Deadwood. He can only go so far before civil unrest forces him away. There are plenty who have little to lose from a violent act followed by a more southern residence. Dan Dority comes to mind.
  18. This is a great historical Deadwood read:DEADWOOD Focuses on Charlie Udder and many of the charactors in the tv show. Al Swearengen was quite "queer" when it came to his sexual preferences and much preferred the companionship of young boys. I have actually had no luck finding any references to Al Swear-engine. I will definately have to pick this book up.
  19. They could do alot to make her more interesting. If you aren't afraid of possible spoilers, google Martha Jane Cannary. It seems she may have been infinately more interesting in real life than on this show. Although I think the actress who plays her is brilliant.
  20. Twenty minutes from now all my dissappointment from last week's poor excuse for entertainment should be washed away. The fact is Al Swear-engine IS the best character on television. The rest of the show just needs to try and keep up. Entourage will be waiting in the wings as well. P.S. I have researched Deadwood's history, particularly the characters on the show. There were two major fires in the business district of town as mentioned above. While this could very well be a big storyline for the series, it is also the reason that alot of the history is hard to prove. Many things that are considered unfounded or even mythical could very well be true. There just isn't any recorded history to prove it. And of course, every story that gets retold for a hundred years is bound to get stretched a few times. I like to see how they combine all these elements. So far, so good.
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