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  1. Curious what everyone uses: the heater or no heater for the water? Water lasfs longer when not heated. And I don’t notice a difference in my sleep between the two. Do you?
  2. Can’t believe how many prudes there are in this thread
  3. There are more women out there with daddy issues than I ever thought possible. I’m 56 and get matched more with women under 35 than I do with women over 50. Latest was a 20-year-old who contacted me on a Sunday morning. Regaled me about her hookup with the 63 yo owner of the restaurant she worked at the night before. We we went out a few days later and it was instant smashville. The young ones have no inhibitions. Probably will go out again this week.
  4. No. I was supposed to text her to set up a meet up. So she was just expecting it and I didn’t text her
  5. 56 year old white male. Met a woman online this week and we texted every day. She seemed cool and it probably would have been a slam-dunk slump buster. This morning I decided I just couldn’t go through with it . She wasn’t what I am really seeking. I’ll probably never find what I am looking for. Which is OK I guess.
  6. I’ve had these twice. Both times babe overestimated how much I could eat. They are very good. A little too spicy. And a little too pricey.
  7. I did not love it. I will probably watch a second episode. I tihnk the investigation is actually more interesting than him being president. I'm guessing this will get a very long leash and probably not be in any danger of being cancelled any time soon.
  8. i set up a tourney for midnight EST ... Snowmagedden or something like that. you guys decide on stakes. i'm bored.
  9. watching ME. want to play. anyone else up watching want to fire up a game on stars?
  10. my WRs are Cooper, Cooks, Jeffrey and Landry. I'm probably sitting Jeffrey
  11. Going to be really pissed - from a fantasy perspective - if Schwarber doesn't get 4 more games at C this year ... and I don't think he will.
  12. we really need to get in contact with johnny. that was a scary post.
  13. Why don't you have Obamacare? i kind of have insurance, but haven't paid it in months. i guess i can make a payment at some point and get reinstated.
  14. Can't really tell from researching it whether it's a Sciatica or not causing my back problem. No numbness and I am not convinced the leg pain is related. Was going to see a chiropractor today, but needed a 45-minute appointment and she only had 15-minute blocks. I also am concerned about the costs with no insurance.
  15. haven't updated this in a while. things are starting to get better. i did get evicted from the apartment (and lost all my possessions). i look at it as a chance to start over. i left my apartment the day i was going to be evicted and drove to atlantic city. i knew i could spend a night there in a hotel for free, so i did that. unfortunately, it was memorial day weekend and i couldn't get any more comped rooms so i was, basically, homeless for a while. i drove back to the philly area and texted a friend. he offered to let me stay at his place (short term) and i have been there ever since. honestly, if it wasn't for this person, i don't know where i'd be. i drove for uber until a couple of weeks ago. the wear and tear on the car was a lot to deal with. i will probably resume driving for them again a couple of days a week again soon. with the money i earned from uber, i paid off some debt and some bills. i had some left over and i was able to play some poker. one of my main casinos is offering a freeroll every two weeks ago. i qualified for one and won about $500, which, combined with uber money, kept me playing poker and enabled me to make two car payments to get caught up on that, which was quite a relief. and then, i got really lucky. i happened to be sitting at the table when the bad beat jackpot hit for $171,000. i got a little more than $10,000 BEFORE taxes, walked out with $8,000. after paying some debt and paying out to friends who i have exchanged pieces of the bad beat with. so i now had $3,000 to restart my life with. i am still living with the friend, still playing poker as much as i can and hoping to rebuild my life with this gift. it's off to a rocky start as i'm down $500, but i am confident it will turn around. needless to say, the mood is improved. still some down times mentally, but it's better. i have to get a health issue addressed, though, or none of it will matter. my lower back is totally messed up. when i sit in a chair and try to get up i have to almost freeze due to the pain. sometimes, i have to sit back down. the first couple of steps are difficult, but then it gets easier as i walk to the bathroom or wherever i am going. i also have a pain in my thigh that may or may not be related. a friend said its a muscle injury. i fear it is something more. hopefully, it won't be serious, but it's been around for at least two weeks so i have to find a way to get it looked at. hope everyone else is enjoying their summer.
  16. been out of action for a while on here. headed out to store soon, but would like to get a game going later tonight. anyone gonna be around at midnight est?
  17. devildog paid me. fakepunt paid.
  18. As someone who has moved to start over I have to say it doesn't change anything unless you fix the underlying issue. You can move all you want but you can't escape yourself. If you don't change your behavior you'll wind up in a similar situation regardless of where you're living. You have a job and friends where you are now. Yeah, but I can do this job in any big city.
  19. I definitely agree with that. I've often thought my heart was too big and I am too kind and generous. I wouldn't change it, though.
  20. Not knowing your friend's situation, it's hard for me to judge. He could be a family man with kids and not be willing to risk giving any of the money he's worked hard for. For a lot of people, 3,000 is nothing to sneeze at. Perhaps he also realizes that you're not willing to stop gambling and his loan will just perpetuate your addiction. You have a job now. Use that to get back on your feet. Never rely on others. He's single. Has grandkids. He also is a poker player. I also told him he could write the check to the rental company if he was concerned I was going to take the $3,000 and lose it. does your friend know about your gambling addict gf?Yes. Ex-gf. I am not a gambler. I am a poker player. There is a difference. I won't argue semantics, but there's a difference. Whether I have a gambling problem or not is also another matter. As I said above, he can write the check to the rental company.
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