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  1. I disagree. The fee is very important over the long run. Also, very, very few active mutual fund managers outperform the market as a whole. I think you save yourself a whole lot of money by investing yourself.Many financial advisors make money by churning your money or their fund portfolio. They aren't incentivized by making you more money, only by turning your money over as often as possible. This costs you money. However, if you really are either intimidated or have no interest in doing it yourself and you want a financial advisor, you should make sure that they work off of a flat rate or percentage of your assets (like 1%) instead of a trading commission-based system.
  2. Do it. And if your young, I'd lean toward small cap value as per my above post.
  3. The Vanguard retirement funds are very good... I personally like to have a little more control than that, but for an easy (and more importantly, low-cost) retirement fund it is greatLove Vanguard. 85% of mutual funds managers don't outperform the market. Therefore, I want a little less management and lower fees. Huge difference in a 1% fund expense difference compounded over many years. Historically, small cap value funds have signifcantly outperformed the market as a whole. So, about 90% of my stocks and mutual fund assets are in IJS or Vanguard's Small Cap Value Fund. The rest are in QQQQs and a handful of individual stocks that I can't let go of, such as Amazon.
  4. I haven't read the whole thread, but can you explain how you find what's leaving and what's coming? It would be much appreciated.http://instantwatcher.com/titles/expiringMuch of the time it's easier to browse through movies on that site than it is on Netflix itself. Thank you.
  5. I haven't read the whole thread, but can you explain how you find out what's leaving and what's coming? It would be much appreciated.
  6. Is this a completely different disc from the one for the PS3? I'd like to stream from my Wii as well.
  7. I once read in a book that while the overall percentage of homosexuals has varied across different cultures, the ratio of gay men to gay women in a given culture is relatively constant at about 2:1.I guess more specifically I was referring to the genetic/learned tradeoff as it relates to homosexuality in each sex. My "shoot from the hip" belief is that the learned portion of this is higher in women than in men. In other words, the percentage that you might apply to male heterosexuals (in the poll in this thread) I think would be higher than it would be for women. But again, I could easily be wrong.
  8. Is it erroneous to presume that the percentages of what makes up a homosexual is different between the sexes? If I had to fathom a guess, I would think that males have a higher percentage of genetic makeup causing it than females. Just a hunch though. I very well could be wrong and not fishing here.
  9. I'm thinking this. $2,100 for a 58" Samsung 550 Plasma including the shipping. Seems like pure value to me and it's the highest rated 58" that was tested by CR.
  10. Great thread and nice work that everyone has put into it. Hadn't come across this one yet.
  11. $250K anywhere in California is going to be really tough. I'm in Sacramento and $330-$350K is about where 3br./2ba. start at (approx. 1,500 sq.ft.). I would imagine it's even crazier down south. I suppose if you're in the middle of nowhere you may be able to swing that.
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