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  1. Heck, that could be the reason. They're probably bleeding him dry.
  2. Folks, Cutty himself said on TD he thought Chewer was dead. Chewer can take a punch. I really thought I saw him in the background at the BobBQ.
  3. I have never seen them on sale from a real dealer. Be careful with the knock offs, some/most of them are horrendous. However there is 1 or 2 similar brand models that are slightly cheaper than the Egg that get very strong reviews. Look back in the thread, some wrote about one that he got that he loved, I think it was the Kamado Joe. Awesome thanks! Kamdado Joe is the one that I saw at Lowes - think I'll get that one and work my way up to an egg one day.
  4. Anyone know if the BGE's ever go on sale? Also, saw a similar style grill for a much cheaper price at Lowes I'm a novice griller who is just starting out, wondering if a knockoff might make more sense for me, or if I'd be wasting my money by buying any other kamado style cooker besides the Egg... Anyone have experience with the knockoffs?
  5. What kind of draft pick(s) would the Browns have to include with Hoyer to get someone like Andre back?
  6. The death that would surprise me the most is probably Sam. I know he's a side character, but I'm thoroughly convinced that him and his wilding family are bullet proof.
  7. If Tywin really is dead then Tommen will need to name a new Hand of the King. Who will it be?
  8. His ear.I almost totally forgot about the Mountain kicking her in the ####. Possibly my favorite moment of the series to date.
  9. They wouldn't ring the bells if he was just found with arrows in him and rushed to a doctor? I thought the bells were less of a death announcement and more of a, "Yo, shut everything down! Nobody gets in or out, we gotta situation here!"
  10. Yes, fly. I hope this is literal, but I'm sure it's just alluding to him warg'ing into Drogon.
  11. Random Observations: - Jaimie isn't going to be happy with his brother, or himself. A return to the dark side seems likely. - Lost in all that happened was the awesomeness of FrankenMountain. Can't wait to see what's up with that. - Didn't appear conclusive to me that either of Tyrion's arrows hit their mark. Tywin may just pull through. - Did the tree wizard tell Bran "he won't walk, but he'll FLY?" Not sure what that last word was. - Still haven't seen Cersei's bewbs. She must've gotten a great contract.
  12. I took the Dany dragon scene as a transition from babies to pets/beasts.
  13. I could definitely see this as an option. The last time we saw Stannis was at the bank, and he was the only leader taking a threat at the wall seriously. They got the cash and the boats so it would not surprise me at all to see his army make an appearance. I wouldn't think there's enough time in 1 episode (with all the other story lines that have to develop) to sacrifice and gain from demons, but there's definitely enough time for an intervention and for Davos to do what he told Stannis he would be necessary for... making strategic political collaborations between different parties (or something like that). I have a feeling that at some point, Jon Snow is going to become the leader of the wildling army and re-establish the North as a force to be reckoned with. With 100,000 men he could have the number superiority that Robb didn't. He'll repay the Frey's and Bolton's for double crossing Robb and Cat. Ohhhh, I like this! Never occurred to me but now that you say it, it seems like a pretty obvious plot direction. ETA: Does he even know about the Red Wedding yet?
  14. I would say this will lose money but that's betting on the intelligence of the American public...I think GOTG has a shot at being Marvel's biggest film yet.
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