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  1. Is this how you'd play it if you were a GM? Nah, I'd give them an equal shot cuz I'm not a racist.Just saying though, if one of the two is going to be out of the league in a few years because of a dog fighting ring, or smoking too much pot, or sexual assault on some girl at the club... Well, we all know which one of the two that would be. Just sayin'. Horrible. I took a swing at it. Fishing is a natural talent - you're either good at it or you aren't.
  2. Is this how you'd play it if you were a GM? Nah, I'd give them an equal shot cuz I'm not a racist. Just saying though, if one of the two is going to be out of the league in a few years because of a dog fighting ring, or smoking too much pot, or sexual assault on some girl at the club... Well, we all know which one of the two that would be. Just sayin'.
  3. Seriously though, kidding aside, if two top tier prospects in the same draft are 100% identical in every single way except one is white and one is black (exact same skillset, same stats, same hair cut, etc... Let's call 'em Peyton Whiteman'ning and Peyton Blackman'ning)... We all know that Peyton Whiteman'ning gets drafted first right? Less of a chance that he'll get a drug suspension, and teams always respect white QB's in the huddle more anyway... Just a way less risky pick for a million different reasons.
  4. Wow. Back up now... Interesting night. Better not have given too much to Minny
  5. Interesting question. Honestly, I think Tannehill would've been a great pick for us just because of how it would've affected the rest of that draft. Instead of giving up a 4th, 5th & 7th to move up for Trent, we probably would've picked up a few extra picks to move down for Tannehill. Then, with our second 1st rounder we never would've drafted Weeded. Very likely might've grabbed Doug Martin there. So we could've come out of that draft with Tannehill, DMart and some extra depth. I think we'd be much better off.
  6. sure. at 26. or if they "have" to move up cuz they want him... fine. id rather not, but ok. at 4, it's lights out. I will never support this team again, as it would be evident that haslam is a ####### moron who is hellbent on dragging this organization underground. 100% agree with all of that (especially the Haslam part), but still - part of me would be kind excited about the outside possibility that the kid ends up being awesome. Kind of like the feeling you get when you push all in with 7-2 off suit and someone calls you on it. You immediately get a pit in your stomach, but there's always that little glimmer of hope cuz you know "maybe, just maybeeeee this will work out okay".
  7. I'm not a Manziel fan, but I find myself kind of hoping they get him. Would be fun to see how it plays out...
  8. Not a big fan of this Iron Bank nonsense, seems like a stretch to me. I'm admittedly not up to speed on my history books, but I sincerely doubt that there was an actual banking system back in the time of dragons. Seems like something that wasn't invented for quite awhile later...
  9. Yea, except for a main character dying in episode 2, this is boring. WTF do you want to happen? A battle every episode? Go watch a transformers movie. Simmer down, I said "aside from the Joffery episode"... Other than that episode the season has been pretty slow so far. That scene felt like it should've been the start of many dominoes falling, but so far 'meh'... Hoping we at least get some movement on Tyrion's fate this week.
  10. Hope something interesting happens tonight... Honestly, aside from the Joffery episode this season has been pretty meh so far.
  11. I know this is always the most exciting time of year for us Browns fans, but something just feels different this year. Can't remember the last time I was this excited for a draft. Just feels like we're close to finally turning a corner here... and unlike years past when we'd turn a corner and smack head first into a brick wall, we might actually get this one right.
  12. I'd give the first one a 7.5 to 8. This one is probably a 5.5 to 6. It tried to jam too much stuff in and it wasn't effective. The continuity that Marvel has achieved made this look worse. Was worried that they were trying to put too much into this will all the different villains again. How awesome would a Kraven Spidey movie be? not sure Kraven as a villian would translate to the screen.The preview of this new spiderman doesnt look good especially the mechanical Rhino thing. i also agree that the "GOOD" Kraven stories wouldn't translate to the big screen... they would do him in some overhyped campy way and it would be terrible. Really as it pertains to spider-man, it's a shame they can't use the Kingpin... always a favorite. I would like to see them integrate the Black Cat, but I doubt it happens.
  13. The writers have to kill off Ward before the end of the season don't they? I mean, he knows where the team's new, underground, super top-secret headquarters is located. Seems like Coulson and the gang will be using that place as a base of operations moving forward, and I don't think you can have one of the big bad guys walking around knowing the location of your secret headquarters...
  14. Screw it. If I was the Browns GM I'd double-down and push all-in by taking Bortles at 4 and then either Manziel or Bridgewater if they're there at 26. If one of the two becomes an elite QB then I don't care that I wasted the other pick. If they both pan out then I've got fantastic trade bait. And if they both bust then I'd probably jump off a bridge.
  15. Ugh. Well we'll see what happens. I know Skye is supposed to be 'special' somehow... I wonder if that kiss might've had some weird affect on him.
  16. Just dawned on me that Triplett will be taking Ward's place on the team as the heavy-hitter. The fact that they've written themselves such a convenient switch makes me less concerned about Ward being undercover or coming back. Dude is Hydra, lock it in.
  17. I can't remember if we saw bullet holes in the foreheads of the two guards or not (?)... Could Ward's gun have been loaded with icers still?
  18. Maybe, but I doubt it. That hadn't crossed my mind at all. I don't think that will end being the case but... Why not? I don't think there is really a logical argument against it from a full MCU perspective. I just don't think it will be the case because the show runners will likely want to resolve that story arc from within the series, rather than from outside. They could still resolve it within the series. Would be easy to have what we saw in the film be nothing more than the reveal...
  19. you have to be a forensic accountant anymore to figure this stuff out.but yeah, if true, i'm with you, and i'm sure Jimmy is too. Assuming he's 90% of the old Revis, I'm in!Thing is, if he's 90% old Revis this year there's no way he plays next year at 5.6 mil. Get ready for a holdout
  20. My two favorite teams are the Browns & Lions... I'd have such mixed emotions if Cleveland fleeced Detroit like this. Terrible trade for Detroit when they could just stand pat and likely draft Evans.
  21. Since the Bucs are shopping Revis, and the Browns have plenty of cap space -- is a Haden/Revis combo something Farmer should consider?
  22. In both seasons the whole "hey, he's secretly gay!" thing has felt pointless and tacked on. Not sure if it's going to lead somewhere in season 3 or not, but so far it's been pretty annoying both times.
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