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  1. Fun thought. I could see somebody being killed by sword through the eye and out the back of their skull and nobody knows who did it and the Hound is all like "Hmmmm, interesting"...
  2. I think there has to be something going on with the wedding between Cercei and the gay, right?Is the fruit in line to inherit something? I cant remember where he stands in to whole Tully family. I was wondering of Tywin might not send Cedsei over to Frey now instead. He's got one foot in the grave and no sons so his whole estate is up for grabs.
  3. Yeah, he's kind of a wang. No doubt.ETA: Oops, you said warg. Nope, don't think he's one of those.
  4. So can we rename the other non-book thread to "***OFFICIAL*** Whining, Bellyaching and Bickering Between GoT Book Readers and Non-Book Readers" now?
  5. Two episodes left to go, and my favorite line so far has probably been: "Ohh, looks like tonight's special is red snapper!"
  6. Watched it last night, Hale was a tornado of comic genius. It's all over but the finale for me. And then a re-watch of course. His delivery of the motherboy ball lines just slayed me. I think I watched it 5 times.Show some respect, he's a motherman now. That one, more than any other, needs a complete re-watch. I felt there was so much I missed while laughing and the most double entendres. Buster's always been my favorite character, looking forward to his episode. I'm 6eps in, hopefully it comes up soon.
  7. anyone?Just sign up for Netflix. If you're new, pretty sure they have a free 1-month trial deal you can do.
  8. I think it's naive to believe that the daughter won't find out what happened. I never had a younger sister growing up so I could be being naive here, but I can't imagine a 16yo teenage boy talking to his little sister about the hoe he was smashin' before mom walked in.
  9. Considering that the 13yo daughter wasn't home, is the best course of action really to assume she'll be monitoring the outcome of the situation for future reference? I'd consider making the punishment something that isn't overly public or noticed to try and avoid it ending up on her radar. Last thing you want here is the 13yo asking why Football Menace Jr. is in trouble...
  10. Think it was Malcolm Yea, it was Malcolm who said that.I thought Dawn answered Malcolm's question well enough... Maybe she lost him on some other answers though.
  11. Who said, "This isn't who I thought I'd be voting for tonight" as they were voting?
  12. Sorry for keeping the pregnancy on the down-low all season everybody - didn't want to spoil the big surprise. Totally unplanned, but we're very excited nonetheless.
  13. That jury segment made me think Dawn has actually has a shot here. That can't possibly be the case though, right?
  14. Ooof. I think Sherri is probably pretty cute when she's had a few sandwiches, some make-up and the right outfits. I bet she cleans up nicely. I miss Hope. She looks ok here http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-o3nlCmMte0I/UR2bhrQkjcI/AAAAAAAAFvk/sp6KME0Iz_Y/s1600/Sherri+Biethman+###.jpg Hot... if you're into lizard necks and clown paint.
  15. Probably Erik trying to climb a 100ft tree to get a coconut(while weighing the pros and cons of falling and breaking his leg on purpose)
  16. It's comical how worthless he is. I genuinely wonder how he made it through casting. I guess they'll let anybody on Survivor these days.We need some FFA representation - Let's all apply for next season, who's in?20 years ago I'd be right there with you. Now.. But have fun C'mon, they always cast at least one grey beard in the group.
  17. It's comical how worthless he is. I genuinely wonder how he made it through casting. I guess they'll let anybody on Survivor these days. We need some FFA representation - Let's all apply for next season, who's in?
  18. Isn't everyone ther self involved?Touché. Probably takes at least some level of narcissism to even apply for a reality show in the first place.
  19. Seriously, Dawn's the only person who I'd be bummed to see win. - Cochran deserves it. - Eric or Eddie would be solid. - Sherri would be 'meh/whatever' - & Dawn would be awful (although not entirely undeserving of a win) Either way, I think Sherri is a lock for the final regardless of what happens. All of the other 4 will likely be bigger targets. Nobody is even thinking about Sherri. Really, she just needs to decide who she wants to go to the final with and start controlling votes. I'd pick Eddie and Dawn if I were her and just hope that Dawn loses votes to grudges and that Eddie makes a less convincing argument than you do. Sherri, Dawn & Eddie in the final. Lock it in.
  20. Dawn is a horrible, self-involved, hypocritical witch. I hope she makes the final three just so someone can call her out on it. She has no clue how bad she is. I knew she'd have no problem flipping on Brenda once that decision was made to let everyone else have the family bbq. She was mad as heck. Then she guilt trips her into giving up the immunity challenge – I swear she was thinking, "You owe me this win after robbing me of that bbq Brenda!" I know she didn't say that, but I'm almost certain that was in the back of her head.
  21. I have a friend who came up with a very successful iphone app and is now paying 10% of every app purchase (I think) to patent trolls just because they saw his app and patented the process before him. Didn't occur to him that it was something you could/should patent as it wasn't really anything ground-breaking. Live and learn I guess, but I echo the scumbag comments above. That said, they are technically playing by the rules, so the negativity should really be directed more towards the system than the trolls.
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