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  1. I like this guy. You should, too!

  2. If you have stumbled onto this profile page wondering whether Holy Schneikes is a quality poster who provides cogent analysis and relevant insight... he is. Listen to him. Value his input.

  3. SSOG

    If you're reading this profile wondering if you should pay attention to what this guy (or gal- don't want to make assumptions) has to say... you should.

  4. SSOG

    Early leader in the clubhouse for Poster of the Year, 2013.

  5. SSOG

    Poster of the year, 2012.

  6. His career overlaps with several other posters who might have put up better statistics or won more awards, but I still think that JWB is a deserving Hall Candidate. You can't tell the story of the 2000s at FBGs without including his name.

  7. Patoons: the man, the myth, the legend, but mostly the myth. If there was a fantasy equivalent of a back-alley street fight, I'd want him standing at my back with a broken beer bottle in hand.

  8. Classy dude.

  9. ***** 5 stars great buy highly recommend

  10. A++ 5 Stars excellent service. Would buy again.

  11. We likessssses Evilgrin 72, don't we preciousssss? *GOLLUM*, *GOLLUM*

  12. SSOG

    Just remember, you can't spell "Schtick" without the H and the K.

  13. Five sars great deal would buy again

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