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  1. I'm going to DM you with the exact details of how it is getting calculated to get some more in-depth feedback.
  2. Gotcha, just ran with flex and I got 50.5 for 2-PPR and 32.6 for 1-PPR. 1.54X multiplier. Not that far off where you're at. I'm gettin 19 TEs between starters, flex, and a 2-player buffer that I use.
  3. I am not sure if it is just one outlier year or what the difference is. My method is almost identical to yours for figuring out PPG above replacement for 2021 using FBG Consensus Projections. Using normal PPR, I get 32.6 total PPG above replacement for all TE. (multiply by games played for VBD) Using 2 PPR for TE, I get 47.4 PPG above replacement for all TE. That's almost exactly what by backward looking weekly method got me in terms of a multiplier. If you have the time, I am curious what you get using your method for the FBG 2021 projections.
  4. The uniformity within position is something I'm still working through. It is adjusting on a positional level. I am not sure how you are calculating the 2.2 multiplier. I am using weekly stats from the last four seasons (68 weeks) and comparing weekly scores to the replacement level scoring that week. Then determining how the change in scoring/lineup/league size impacts the relative value of each position based upon those weekly results.
  5. Edit: All updated. Rookie pick values seem to be working. Only one trade value column that adjusts for the timeframe. switched up the colors. https://danhi.shinyapps.io/dynasty-trade-value2/
  6. And if it is not clear the way it is now, should I make the slider just adjust the trade value column directly and completely get rid of the time adjusted trade value column? Edit: I think I am just going to go ahead and do this. It is probably too confusing currently.
  7. The change would be in the far right column with the timeframe adjustment. Are you looking at that or the trade value column?
  8. Thanks for the feedback! Anyone want to test version 2.0 before I put it up on FBG? https://danhi.shinyapps.io/dynasty-trade-value2/ I incorporated the idea of win now versus future value and added a column that calculates 2021 value separately based on the league/scoring settings and using the FBG consensus projections. Let me know what you guys think. Also working on a trade calculator with rookie picks included. Someone mentioned devy players, that may be possible but probably not in the next few weeks.
  9. This is a 12-team PPR league 1/2/3/1 with 2 flex. (1.5 PPR for TE) Going into year 7. 100% payouts (minus MFL). $80 entry fee Rules here: https://www68.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=18333&O=26 Open Roster highlights: All 2021 Rookie picks (1.08, 2.08, 3.08, 4.08) and all future rookie picks QB: Burrow, Stafford RB: Dobbins, CEH, Mattison, Singletary WR: Allen Robinson, K Golladay, R Woods, O Beckham, Julio Jones, Rondale Moore, Corey Davis TE: Mark Andrews Please note: This is a shallow devy league with 12 college players
  10. I have some opinions (https://subscribers.footballguys.com/apps/article-list.php?author=157&ref=s). Not going to max enter the $4 but will have ~100 entries. Wish I had more clarity on whether this AZ-San Fran goes off as planned (air quality). Was hoping to be pretty heavy on the Cardinals passing game as one of my contrarian stands (I like a lot of the chalk) but might not get the chance. Built my lineups before Evans and Golladay were listed doubtful. Wasn't on either very much so easy to swap them out of the couple lineups but still need to decide if I want to move to
  11. Agree with this. Potential 3-down backs are a rarer commodity right now. Big wave of good young WRs hitting the league in 2019, 2020, and 2021 is going to flood the market to some extent.
  12. Yeah, I said in the post it is superflex. I mostly ignore QBs in non-superflex. I'm also an OSU fan and agree on Teague, plus the achilles injury is worrisome. Fleming has the measureables and slightly more upside so I ranked him higher but I actually like Smith-Njigba a little better. I'm off of Bateman at his current prices. I think he's fine but looks more like an NFL 2nd rounder than an elite top of the draft guy. Could be wrong on that for sure but I think the offense inflates WR production and we've seen Corey Davis out of same system bust and Tyler Johnson was predictably over
  13. I'm with you on Freiermuth in TE premium leagues. Just drafted him about 2 hours ago in this combined rookie/devy draft. Didn't have him too much higher because these are specific to normal PPR and the TE is pretty devalued when only 12 are starting each week. I have to watch more Jordan. I know people like him but he has never really leapt out to me when watching Miami and he's not a guy I've been targeting.
  14. I am mostly on board with the consensus this year. Some areas where I differ a bit: -Not fully sold on Seth Williams. Feels like a Bryan Edwards or Kelvin Harmon where he won't be drafted as highly as expected, so he'll be cheaper to acquire next year. -Outside of the top three backs, I have a hard time using a premium pick on an RB. I like Breece Hall the best after the big three but have been hitting that tier of wide receivers with DeVonta Smith, Garrett Wilson, etc. instead. -I'm willing to take a swing on Trey Lance relatively early given his athleticism and rushing upside
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