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  1. agreed, but they could maybe compete with Rudolph. they competed two years ago with a more unprepared Rudolph and Hodges. Rudolph can likely improve some. Ben won't. Ben deciding not to try to fall on that fumble was very telling and disturbing. i've never seen him decline to compete before. so, hopefully, he will join his buddies McDonald and Pouncey and leave with dignity. if not, it's time to rip the band-aid off and cut him. see what you have in Rudolph and, if need be, Haskins. if they are lacking, (likely), address QB the following year with better resources to do so.
  2. like the old Democrat/(preTrump) Republican coalition no link
  3. court packing, girl sniffing, demented socialist puppet.
  4. thanks. careful with that truth telling though. i got put on ignore for stating that the Phizer and Moderna studies didn't measure for infection and transmission. to be fair, the media has largely, whether intentionally or negligently, failed to communicate the truth to the public.
  5. i don't read here that much anymore. i'm pretty sure most of the population thinks these 90% effective vaccine results mean 90% less likely to be infected, or 90% less transmission. has info that it means 90% less likely to have moderate symptoms, (certainly a good thing) (probably) been shared here much? sorry if it has. i did read that the Moderna UK & Brazil study arms (not US) may suggest lessened transmission. to be clear, my understanding is that they just didn't look at infection rate, not that there wouldn't be positive results if one did look. if one had
  6. yeah i think JuJu is gone. there will be plenty of targets. was considering question of whether DJ was a #1 for a keeper league especially post Ben, and think he could be #1b. nice.
  7. agree strongly with everything you said for this year. was considering original question of DJ value for a keeper league and if he was a #1. there should be targets for both, but if Claypool develops in year 2, could see DJ being #1b.
  8. i agree, he looks like the real deal. problem for value is that Claypool does too. and who knows post Ben.
  9. you know, i absolutely agree, except for maybe the thanking part. and beyond the fragility you referenced, i would add that it's become more obvious that ever even actual law needs people to choose to enforce it. unfortunately, i'm not optimistic that any good will come from our weaknesses being exposed. more likely, i dread, is that some future bad actor will more skillfully use those weaknesses against us.
  10. yes and it's been largely ignored. so frustrating. also, thanks.
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