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  1. There's something beautifully ironic about a right wing radio host who undoubtedly bashes ACA & any attempt at real health care reform posting a GoFundMe campaign to pay for his wife's medical bills. At least he had the "dignity" to have OTHER conservatives set it up for him... but then posted it on his own site.
  2. No, that's not quite what an ad hominem attack means. In any case, what mquinn asked for and I think is reasonable, is why we should consider a statement of opinion like that. Without any actual analysis, credibility and authority doesn't make it true or false (that's a logical fallacy as well). However, I'm going to believe Jerry Rice or Tim Brown or Matt Waldman or Sigmund Bloom or someone else who spends a lot of time analyzing players vs. a local fan who happened to post something on Twitter. SO yes, when we're talking about opinion, credentials and credibility does matter.
  3. I took him in 2.03 in a TE-required league (no premium), but I'm struggling on how to value him in leagues that combine WR/TE. To put in comparison, Gronk was WR10, Gates was WR16, Graham was WR20, Olsen was WR25, and Bennett was WR32. So there's definitely value there, and a lot of these guys are criminally undervalued by the rest of the league because TE isn't required. Still, I somehow have trouble getting excited about getting "Witten" or "Pitta" vs. the risk/reward on a guy like Conley, Devin Smith, or Coates... guys I'm seriously considering taking over him which will be available in late 2nd in these leagues.
  4. 1 of the 2 Seminoles should still be there. Can't go wrong with either one IMO. He went 1.07. Damnit. Freeman or Benjamin?Freeman, who I was targeting. I think Benjamin went right before him at 1.06.Interesting. I haven't looked at rookie ADPs in awhile, but in one league I got Freeman at 1.10 and Benjamin at 1.16. In two others, where I didn't draft them, Freeman went 1.13 and 1.14 and Benjamin went 1.15 and 2.1.
  5. In the end, this is what bothered me. Why bother going through the trouble of the Childress/Tuttle thing, and building up this big group conspiracy thing, if you just resolve it cleanly like that and focus on this one unlikely big bad? In the end, they could have just made it some random guy in the woods and the ending plays the same. Didn't you pay attention to their talk under the stars? There was a conspiracy. Rust was angry they didn't get them all. Marty said he should be happy they got their guy. They paid their debt.Far too early for Rust to make that assessment, he is still in the hospital. What did he expect the Senator to do, say yes, that white trash hillbilly serial killer is the son of my granddaddy's bastard child and from time to time we like to get together have tea, talk like we're British, and perform some ritualistic killings?? Rust lit the fuse on the scandal..........Too many media outlets got copies of the evidence.......eventually it will all come out. Exactly. National law enforcement, national papers and national channels all have video of bad things happening and it's clearly more than one person. And all the case files and other evidence that Rust and Marty had putting the family tree together, names of everyone they talked to, etc. I just don't see it ending by saying they discredited that they were even related, and that's the end of it.
  6. What other conclusion can one come to? Apparently 24 hours passed, the people at Fox News got the package 2 days later, and then the cops showed up a few days later when it was dark out. Well, he did say "One to the feds, one to state CID..." in addition to the media. I'm not saying they didn't call, but I think the point is there was significant elapsed time here. It wasn't like they showed up even an hour later. As I said, the contrast between light and dark is very prominent. Given the use of the flare and the themes in the closing dialogue of general light vs. dark, good vs. evil, this was far from accidental.
  7. It goes from light to dark in a couple hours. I don't get that objection. Maybe I just thought the elapsed time was emphasized particularly with the use of the flare. It wasn't like we're at sunset and then it's evening. The contrast between light and dark played prominently during the ending. And, we also have to assume that they weren't found right away, since they weren't exactly in plain view.
  8. In the end, this is what bothered me. Why bother going through the trouble of the Childress/Tuttle thing, and building up this big group conspiracy thing, if you just resolve it cleanly like that and focus on this one unlikely big bad? In the end, they could have just made it some random guy in the woods and the ending plays the same.
  9. It looked like the wound was in the area of his stomach or small intestine -- nothing immediately life-threatening unless he bled to death. I think he would have bled to death pretty certainly in 24 hours, but possibly not in just a couple. Marty found a phone. He wasn't just stabbed. He was stabbed and then held up by the knife in an exaggerated fight scene. But that's not what I was getting at anyway - the point is, the cops arrived at night. If Marty calls them and tells them what's going down, don't you think there would be a little urgency to get there sooner?
  10. Since 2004, maybe, when his mowing license was not renewed? That was his dad? How do we know this? I missed that. He called him what sounded like "Daddy", but that's all.
  11. My assumption was that the videos/info got sent out as instructed after 24 hrs... that's why it was dark when they showed up. Rust isn't surviving that stomach wound for 2 hours without medical care, let alone 24. I think inbred lady gave up the landline. I don't think Rust is surviving that period, but that's a separate discussion. It was bright when they got there, and pitch black when the cops arrived. Sure he lived in some remote location, but do you really think it was 6-8 hrs later if they reached them immediately and told them of the situation? Let's say Rust sees the bar owner the day before, says deliver it in 24 hrs if I don't tell you otherwise. So next evening, it gets to the two black detectives and they get out there sometime in the night.
  12. Something to the effect of, you got it wrong. In the beginning it was all darkness, so looks like the light is winning. (As opposed to it being all dark before).
  13. My first reaction was that the videos/info got sent out as instructed after 24 hrs... which is why it was dark when they showed up. Presumably they included this location when speculating.
  14. didnt really matter at that point. They were already on to their manIf it didn't matter, why did the relatively short season spend so much time, and include so much detail, about the Childress/Tuttle family stuff? In the end, that could have just been some random dude they found otherwise, because that's effectively how it played out.
  15. I'll have to re-watch it, but as of now not sure either of us are fans. If you have a video of a ritualistic rape/murder/whatever atrosity happened and it's sent to all sorts of law enforcement and media - not sure how it just ends with the one weirdo shacking up with his half sister. Also not sure how either of them survived that. Nor did they address the apparently alive dude strapped to the bed. One thing I will say... I'm not sure the storytelling was really all that tight. In Breaking Bad, every detail usually played a role in the story. I felt like there was a lot of extraneous details here, and a lot of things that just never factored into the ending.
  16. She went over to #### him. Or were you asking about a scene that wasn't the one where she explicitly told him why she was there?Talking Sunday night there you ding-a-lingAre you talking about from the previews? Those are considered spoilers in these parts, son. I think he's referring to the scene where Maggie came to the bar.
  17. So I haven't followed this as closely as many. Is there for sure another season coming? If so have they said how far along it is in terms of story, casting, etc?It's as close to definitely happening as it can be without being confirmed by HBO. Speculation is that they are waiting until they have the next two stars signed up to announce season 2, but it will happen.Yeah I don't think they've had anything this well received in awhile. Maybe boardwalk empire. Probably been said before in this thread, but it's an anthology series: different story line and character each year. So this story will wrap up in 2 episodes, and season 2 (when it surely happens) will be new characters/story/cast. Even with HBO and with them as executive producers, i think it's unreasonable to think that Woody and Matt would be on this for multiple seasons.
  18. I think the fuss about TItanfall is mainly because it's Respawn's first game... the guys who were Infinity Ward and launched the COD series. I have a buddy there, so played with a lot of those guys. Not my kind of game on the surface, but I trust their ability to make a compelling game.
  19. I have to re watch, but I got the impression those were the copies of WALT'S "confession" left behind not copies of what they recorded from Jesse. Remember Marie demanded "all the copies" and the uncles of Anarchy specifically went for jesses confession which they showed from the smashed camera.
  20. Very interesting. When we saw him get the ricin the 1st ep of this season, I always theorized that he was taking an "antidote" and was going to use it a la Gus in Mexico.
  21. lol I must be missing something because I didn't understand it either. So what's the deal with the old keys?Walt did not want Skylar to know that Jesse had broken into their home. If the locksmith installed new locks, then she would have known that someone had broken in and poured gasoline in their living room. I came here to say this. That was my interpretation as well.
  22. yea, I have a feeling if Hank talked to him now Jesse would be very inclined to talk. The irony, since Hank is now likely inclined to back off especially in talking to Jesse, and knowing how Walt could spin that. Jesse got away on the day of the ride-along, etc.
  23. One guy doesn't have lots of money, as there are six barrels of money in the desert. And one could argue that Hank lives a relatively more lavish lifestyle.
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