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  1. I vividly remember Kiper leafing through his journal at a feverish pace trying to find his evaluation of Harris because he had nothing prepared to say. 🤦‍♂️
  2. Howie could have traded a 1 for Dhop and drafted Chinn in rd 2. I don’t think we are here today if those 2 things happen.
  3. The pre draft value of players shift merely in response to media and their interaction with agents. There is rarely a big shift among the draft decision makers
  4. The OC at Florida is now the Eagles’ QB coach. There’s an obvious connection to Pitts and Trask and a previous relationship with Hurts.
  5. Generational talent yes. Outside of that no. WRs that have a modicum of talent and work routes can be schemed open. Jefferson is a perfect example
  6. Let me make this clear, I’m not beating the Rashawn Slater drum here. However what you said applies to him similarly. If he projects to an elite caliber interior OL with the ability to flex outside in a pinch then why devalue him? Is he better value at 15? Absolutely. But if half of the top 15 guys flame out as is usually the case, shouldn’t a player like that be in consideration?
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