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  1. It’s not complicated. Both Carson and Ben forced their way out because neither have the strength to face adversity head on.
  2. Can you stream line that into how the FO failed Wentz and not how the media, fans, Bradford, Foles, Jeffrey, Hurts and his hero ball mentality failed him?
  3. I think National Geographic should be called in to chronicle how a turtle from the Dead Sea ended up in NC
  4. Stop. There had to be someone you know that’s connected to a professional sports team close enough to give you a jump.
  5. Hourly local forecast from the NWS in KC. .47” of rain forecasted between 7pm-1am. Less than .10/hr which is not a continuous downpour forecast. Hourly forecast chart from KC NWS
  6. The common thread is twofold. Both faced adversity and intense scrutiny due to their poor performance Both chose to run and hide from the scrutiny as opposed to facing it head on and earning trust.
  7. Can’t argue with a WR getting 13 touches a game.
  8. It would be a second level ironic if the Colts hesitated to bench Wentz in this scenario because of the fragility of his ego.
  9. It happened in the Eagles/Niners game last week on the game clinching first down by SF.
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