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  1. The guy is thorough. You might want to balance where Fields qualifies as a franchise QB with his previous research College QB 2010-2020 production
  2. For me the disaster draft would have Lawrence, Wilson, Sewell, Chase and Pitts go in the top 5. At that point a trade back with a team targeting a QB would be the prudent option with a Farley, Waddle or Slater target a little later.
  3. You might want to look up the percentage of frequency those stats are accomplished by WRs picked in the top 10 vs WRs picked during the rest of rounds 1-3. WRs are much like RBs in that regard. Unless a guy projects to be a generational AJ Green or Julio type the production curve doesn’t speak to top 10 value. But often a draft stands on its own value wise in that a team must take the best player. I’m drawn to Sewell, Chase and Pitts. IMO they are the 3 players that provide the most value if the Eagles are committed to Hurts this year. Which in turn is a mistake if they sense a QB in this draf
  4. Pitts is intriguing because of his tremendous willingness as a blocker coupled with his ability to dominate most coverage matchups. One evaluation of Pitts’ blocking A 12 personnel grouping with him and Goeddert would be very challenging to defend. The opportunity to have him in line as a blocker with the option to flex him wide can potentially create dynamic mismatches and spacing, especially with 2 players like Sanders and Hurts in the backfield.
  5. Sewell is intriguing to me if he’s there. Run first offense behind a road grating OL while allowing Hurts to develop slowly would be enjoyable for me to watch.
  6. Agree. I believe the term collapsed was used to refer to the damage in his ankle, which was after multiple surgeries on it. I’m not sure how the Eagles go into ‘21 depending on him at RT. Regarding Brooks, 32 yrs old at the start of the season and 2 Achilles in the last 3 years puts him in the same boat. TBH both strike me as the type of player that forward thinking franchise would move away from. But other than the failed QB factory nonsense, no one accuses Howie of being forward thinking 🤦‍♂️
  7. I vividly remember Kiper leafing through his journal at a feverish pace trying to find his evaluation of Harris because he had nothing prepared to say. 🤦‍♂️
  8. Howie could have traded a 1 for Dhop and drafted Chinn in rd 2. I don’t think we are here today if those 2 things happen.
  9. The pre draft value of players shift merely in response to media and their interaction with agents. There is rarely a big shift among the draft decision makers
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