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  1. I'm also done buying for today, running low on cash. Bought 100 QS, 100 SPCE, 100 BLDP, holding PLTR puts and LAZR puts that I sold which means I'll be a buyer of those. And then threw a haymaker at AMZN with a call for January 2022, strike price of $3700 for $120. That's a 12 large bet on an AMZN turnaround. I need some air.
  2. Rising rates are spooking everyone. Not sure that the sell-off is done but I'm certainly hoping for a reversal soon (like after lunch).
  3. Incredibly, in under one month, the collective value of the stocks in the FBG contest has crashed back almost to even ($5250, current value), down over 33% from its highs. Hanging on for dear life to hold a positive gain for the year. What a quick rotation out of growth that has decimated this group (and many of us individually, present company included). Just ugly.
  4. Rough week to be trading in this world. I’m holding firm but the bloodbath is continuing in my account. I need one big winner to dig out.
  5. I agree. Sold one third of my Exxon and one third of RDS.
  6. Yes, but I imagine the movie screenplay with three main through lines. Nader tries to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by ineptly guiding this company with a revolutionary drug but hindered by his bizarre mismanagement. The short sellers must get a little screen time, too, since every story needs antagonists. And then of course, our heroes at FBG led by chet (played by Christian Bale, naturally) sailing off into the sunset in their cleverly named Joe Bryant boats. I’d watch that. Heck, I have watched that.
  7. They're banned because of the Motor Law (duh), and I'd consider this to be a very accessible Rush song. Nice story/song structure, not a ton of movements or bizarreness. As mentioned by others, this is Rush at their finest. Interesting comment about which of the three is the best musician. I'd vote Geddy but there is no clear answer which is a testament to the band, of course, and Alex Lifeson is criminally underrated as a guitarist.
  8. I feel good when I’m three for three with Todem even before checking this board. The grasshopper is learning. (Though I’m more neutral on LMT—holding not buying)
  9. Bought AMZN call for Jan 2022 yesterday before the close, sold for 9% gain this morning on its little pop. Whos’s laughing now? I may rinse and repeat once my #### descend again. That was harrowing.
  10. Speaking for myself, I bought 100 shares before close today and would buy 100 more on another 10% drop.
  11. I'm seeing AMZN at the $3000 level which looks like a support and also thinking that stimulus checks and a general reopening is a decent upcoming catalyst. Looking for a boom/bust play with one AMZN call for January 2022 at $3700 strike price. Selling around $140 at the end of the day. The stock price can't languish between $3000 and $3300 forever, can it?
  12. Bought 100000 more BLPG at a penny this morning. Not sure why it is down 30% today after being down yesterday, too, as I see no news. It was a 2 cents just a bit ago (like Monday?) so this is a nice buying opportunity for someone who wanted to get it at earlier prices.
  13. That's funny. I teach math and I tell this story every now and then. I heard it decades ago, probably in college, and in my telling it is John Milnor, not George Dantzig. And it is five unsolved problems (of which Milnor solved one and a piece of another) not two. And in my version, Milnor missed the class completely but went to the classroom only to see the problems on the board and assumed it was the homework. I have no doubt that my telling is the incorrect one. It seemed apocryphal even back then. Since Dantzig's story is on Wikipedia, I'll tell it that way from now on, but old habits are
  14. Ya, I may just sell all of my UNVC (I don't have a ton) so you can thank me when it goes to the moon. ETA: Sold enough shares to free-roll 5000 leftover. OK, now to the moon.
  15. The past few weeks have been brutal for GETH but you're effusive of them in this post. I'm hesitating to add more as I bought at a penny and now it is trading at $0.06. Any reason to think it is going to rebound? I don't want to chase bad money with good.
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