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  1. Some chatter above about selling (or buying) call spreads where you simultaneously buy one call and sell another at a different strike price. This is a common strategy that is suggested by options traders but my experience is that the bid/ask spreads are typically quite wide and then it is exacerbated because now you have two big spreads due to having a buy and a sell. In short, I stopped using these because of how difficult it is to get into and out of them. The volume just isn't there and I want to be nimble when trading options. In theory, I really like spreads but when it comes time to act
  2. Nice premium. I'll look at this on Wednesday.
  3. Me too. If I did anything with GME, I’d short it. But my cajones are not big or brass enough.
  4. I was down $7K a few hours ago and now only down $3K. Never been so happy and still seeing so much red.
  5. It's the pennies. Leave them out of it and, gee, I'm only down 2%.
  6. Came to post this. Shaping up to be one of my all-time down days, but mostly a function of riding penny stocks. I'll be selling some puts or outright buying some names today but still want to leave some cash on the table. This feels bad.
  7. I am no expert but imho, you’re holding about ten times as many positions as you should be. Personally, I find it tough to track my holdings once I get to about 18 or 20. The idea of having 159 positions is unfathomable to me and, I suspect, against the recommendations of experts.
  8. I sold one third of my position at $6 recently. Think I may buy half of that back if it’s in the low 5s this morning. Down a piece in Stuttgart but I never know if that is a leading or trailing indicator.
  9. I'm down about 1% across my portfolios and you all are making me feel pretty good about that today. Thanks.
  10. Or panic buy. I’ve got cash and an itchy trigger finger.
  11. Indeed. Less risk, less reward. The common misconception is that options are riskier than stocks. True on the buying side, but completely false for those of us selling options. It’s actually more conservative to sell puts than to buy stocks.
  12. BLPG is on fire. Thanks to whoever directed us that way. Seven-bagger in the past three weeks.
  13. In general, I agree, and the usual gateway is covered calls but those suck in a strong market. Instead, I think selling puts is a great entry to options so long as the investor is crystal clear that selling the puts declares his intention to buy at that price at that time (and also that it's not a naked put). I wish I had known about selling puts back in the days when I would enter market orders to buy stocks that never hit. Sure the premiums are not huge but that's a lot of missed opportunities on names that I would have been willing to own.
  14. Related: Just sold four puts on PLTR with $25 strike for March 19th, netting a premium of $3 per (or $1200). Where is bossman to explain this better? Maybe he's at a NERV board meeting...
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