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  1. Um. You may want to sit down before checking an update on FBRX.
  2. Good topic. I remember in the late 90s when their trending away from progressive pieces (think: Fluffhead, YEM, Reba being replaced by Free, Sand, Twist) saddened me and it still does a bit. Granted in the intervening twenty years, they have put out Petrichor, Time Turns Elastic (which I like), Thread, even Mercury feels a bit Proggy. But I've come to accept that they, and especially Trey, are middle-aged guys now. Some of his newer compositions downright bother me (Soul Planet, Set Your Soul Free, Blaze On, No Men in No Man's Land) because they're just too simple. Sure, they get jammed out (here is Soul Planet from 8/31/21 at 48 minutes) but the compositions are not what they were. As a middle-aged guy myself, I've come to accept that this is just where they are. Throw me a Thread or a Petrichor or a Fuego now and then as new material and I'm appeased. And the live shows remain riveting and fun. But I definitely miss the writing from Junta-era.
  3. I was going to reply to the earlier KMI post with a similar but less forceful push-back. I'd be careful with KMI as it has run a lot lately and, while the dividend is fat, it could be in for a bit of correction.
  4. It doesn't matter if it goes up 10% or down 10% between now and September (unless the vibe is that news leaks). All of this premium is baked into the 9/7 event.
  5. I don't even know what that means. For me, it is about truth and integrity. But this is not about me, this is about the Biden administration, their work, and our alternatives. I'm not thrilled with any of those.
  6. I find this administration to be wholly uninspiring and, broad strokes, below average from the Prez/VP pairings of the past 50 years, maybe bottom quartile. Given a binary choice, I'd vote disapprove. Given a different metric such as a comparison between the current pairing versus the Republican alternative from the 2020 election, it'd be impossible to quantify how pleased I am with this choice.
  7. This is really an incredible find. I know nothing about the company but I see a share price that has not been below $23 for a full year. I understand that 9/7 is a major event and this thing could go south immediately thereafter, but to pay a premium of $3.70 on the September $15 puts is out of this world. Since I have not done due diligence (and I'm quite busy), I sold two puts just to net some premium and black dot it. Thanks for the heads up. To claim some call-side premium, you could 1) buy 100 shares and sell a covered call (a moderately bullish position) or 2) sell a call credit spread (a bearish position). You do that by selling a lower strike call, say the September $30 calls for $9.30 and buy ones that are further out of the money, like the $40 calls for $6.50. Nets you $2.80 but you're risking $1000 if the thing shoots up. Granted, if it shoots up, the puts you sold will expire worthless netting you a lot of profit but probably not enough to offset this loss. Seems to me that you need to pick a side (bullish or bearish), and if you're gonna sell options to collect premium, selling puts will place you in the bull camp while selling calls will make you a bear unless you own the underlying shares.
  8. Awesome! Except of course for the seven strains of Covid you acquired. I did the couch tour for those. Headed to Hershey in mere minutes then Atlantic City for the weekend. Anyway, I loved set two from the first night of Deer Creek (that Simple), probably my favorite of the tour so far. I suspect set two from the final night, though, will prove to be the most divisive--did you love it? At times, it came across as silly, maybe even beneath them. I enjoyed it, myself. Wondering what the vibe was in person. Sounded like it was an unadulterated party.
  9. Great article in Wired magazine a couple years ago on billionaire Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, but any link I find is locked under subscription and, hey, I'm just a thousandaire. Here is an alternate but related piece. One bit from the Wired article that I liked and even shared with my math students is how fragile it must be to be a millionaire. A downturn here, a bad investment there and before you know it, you really are just like one of us. But for a billionaire, the calculus is far different. If a billionaire can secure, let's say, a 4% return on their money in a given year, that gain amounts to $40 million annually. Granted, taxes will eat away at that, yadda yadda yadda, but they're still in the ballpark of $2 to $3 million per month. That's just the gains and that's just at 4%. One would almost have to systematically squander money in order to cease being a billionaire. Thankfully, Benioff's message is just that--give away your money, for pete's sake. But the difference between $1 million and $1 billion is staggering and takes concerted thought to really internalize just how much of a leap that is.
  10. Tesaro's in Pittsburgh is an excellent choice. I'd be hard pressed to find a better one in the state, but just down the road at BRGR are pretty spectacular as well.
  11. Wow, I owned it in the sixes and sevens but just traded it, never owned it for more than a week or two. What's the scoop?
  12. LESL blew it out of the water (pun intended) this quarter, so of course is down 7%. Sorry, KGB. This market is irrational.
  13. This is where I am. Who knows whether info on his tax returns will be relevant or innocuous, or indicate potential criminal activity. We don't know. He stated very clearly that he would release his tax returns yet never has. It's beyond jerkiness, it was a bald-faced lie. Of course politicians lie, I get that. I don't think they should be allowed to do it with impunity, though. Link for those that like links 2014: ""If I decide to run for office, I'll produce my tax returns, absolutely," he said. "And I would love to do that.""
  14. Those are some big boy trades. I already owned some BABA calls so not getting any deeper into those, although they are on sale today. I don't like the LESL calls that are only six weeks out and with a strike price of $30 or $35. Those are too far out of the money and too soon expiry for my blood. But I did tail your LESL 8/20 $25 calls (which for some reason is your lightest position). Bought them at $1.40 this morning. Good luck.
  15. I dumped 2000 shares at the open at $1.63. Pretty happy with that considering the Friday afternoon news and my cost basis which was $1.65. Feels like a bullet dodged. You can thank me if it goes to the moon now. I'm out for the time being.
  16. You're right. No need to use that charged language so I edited my post. Thanks.
  17. Not sure if this has been posted before, but this website is very cool, showing tax returns of former presidents and presidential candidates going all the way back to FDR. The old-timey ones are neat. Often written out by hand, the ones showing the names and rents paid of tenants in buildings owned by FDR is super cool. Anyway, I was surprised to learn that two pages of former President Trump's 2005 tax return appear on this site. I vaguely recall that it had been leaked or maybe a journalist stumbled upon it, not sure. It shows (and does not show) some interesting things, some minor tidbits while others are holes ripe for investigation. For example, Mr Trump donated $3 to the election campaign fund but his spouse (a woman named "Melanija") did not. At the end, the names of the tax preparers are redacted--not sure if that is SOP or unusual. More substantively, the form indicates $9 million in taxable interest, $42 million in business income, $67 million in rents, and $32 million in capital gains. But the hole for which I'd love more info is on line 21 with "other income" indicating a loss of $105 million and a note to see "statement 1" which is not included. The rest is pretty standard stuff albeit with large numbers: $31 million in taxable income with total tax bill of about $38 million (due to the alternate minimum tax, oof). The vast bulk of that money was paid from carryover money from 2004 or prior and also a request for extension, with out of pocket amounting to about $2 million. I'm no tax guy so might be missing other notable things.
  18. "Please do" say my two AMZN calls.
  19. I posted this in the Options thread but in the spirit of spreading around the schadenfreude, got completely creamed today on the back of an AMZN August call and several PINS calls. Biggest one-day drop in my accounts which will happen when you trade options. Went on tilt just a smidge to buy more PINS calls, one more AMZN call, and a SAVA call for good measure. I'll be at the bar drinking heavily.
  20. I got slammed on these today along with my AMZN call. The biggest down day I have ever had, by several percent. So I bought more PINS calls and one more AMZN call, of course.
  21. Sold my puts this morning to recoup all of my principal (on both the calls and the puts) plus a little sugar. I'm shocked to see it drop like that, given the strong numbers from yesterday. So much so that I couldn't help but buy more of the Friday $155 calls for three cents, what the heck.
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