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  1. Challenging and ambitious free IDP league on Yahoo has a vacancy. On the offensive side of the ball, we start 2 QBs, 3 RBs, 4 WRs and 1 TE. On the defensive side, we have a 3-4-4 format, ie 3 DLs, 4 LBs and 4 DBs. Instead of a traditional draft it has an "autodraft" where you rank your top players and then the site automatically drafts for everyone on the basis of their rankings. We are going to run the draft shortly, so if that sounds fun please let me know and you can have the team, it's free of course. Email me on: miroslav.z@gmail.com
  2. I was telling my family when Blank was going to make the pick, "it's going to be Kenneth Gainwell! Just watch!" Doh!
  3. It would have been compelling live TV if the guy getting the vaccination had keeled over.
  4. The only potential landing spots for Gainwell the rest of round 4 are maybe SEA or CIN? I think he could be slipping into round 5.
  5. I think they are worried about LVE's neck issues?
  6. Well... I can easily see the following going ahead of him: Top 3 RBs (Harris, Etienne, Williams) Top TE (Pitts) Top 4 QBs (Lawrence, Wilson, Lance, Fields) Top 5 WRs (Chase, Waddle, Smith, Toney, Bateman) We're already into the 2nd round and there's still tons of talent that would be available like Trey Sermon, Mac Jones, lots of WRs...
  7. Michael Carter to the Jets could be the most fantasy significant pick of day 3. His competition is weak and his talent is undoubted so there's a swift path to fantasy relevance. I could see him as a mid-late 2nd round pick in dynasty drafts.
  8. Ok, but there are many NFL backs who were initially pigeon-holed as 3rd down backs and ended up as starters, Alvin Kamara most obviously. The most frequent comp for Carter is Dion Lewis, but even he had a couple seasons when he carried the load.
  9. Right, but if Carter/Gainwell were to go to ATL or NYJ in particular, you'd have to think they had a decent shot of a timeshare in RBBC from week 1 and potentially a starting gig later on in the year?
  10. Either the following are going to be starting RBs in the NFL and have significant fantasy value... or a rookie RB taken in the 4th round or later is going to have significant value on these teams: ATL: Mike Davis, Cordarelle Patterson NYJ: Lamical Perine, Tevin Coleman MIA: Myles Gaskin, Salvin Ahmed ARI: James Conner, Chase Edmonds Let's say Michael Carter or Kenneth Gainwell goes to any of these four teams in R4 - they could still potentially start, right?
  11. If you look at Drake the last two years, they ran him a ton for a team which is supposedly all about Murray passing and running. And when Drake was hurt, Edmonds had some decent days. So I think there is still value in the Cards backfield this year. It is not clear if it will Edmonds or Conner or another back who benefits, but if they follow the same philosophy as last year with Drake/Edmonds and have Conner as more of the banger and Edmonds as more of the change of pace guy, then there's no reason why Conner can't put up quite decent numbers.
  12. I think it could happen if the game returned to its medieval roots and the defense kicked the ball down the field before possessing it?
  13. So playing devil's advocate, let's say a WR catches and fumbles the ball at the 1 yard line which is then recovered at the other 1 yard line. Would that count as a -98 yard reception as you suggest? If feels, intuitively, as though the defense should be credited for yardage gained on a fumble, rather than it be treated as negative receiving yards?
  14. Thanks, guys. The play by play records the fumble play as a reception for no gain and a fumble, so shouldn't the fantasy points be 0 yards and then however many points a fumble costs?
  15. I lost a playoff game by one point after Juju's horror performance on MNF. The stats on MFL and other websites are: 3 receptions for 15 yards and a fumble I was just watching the Steelers/Bengals game to see the full horror of Juju's performance. I just saw a play with 10 minutes to go in the fourth quarter where Juju gets a 21 yard reception. This piqued by curiosity so I then went to the individual plays on NFL stats. Here are Juju's three receptions: 11:54 left in Q1: 4 yard reception 0:55 left in Q1: reception for no gain, fumble 10:14 left in Q4: 21 yard reception This means that Juju should have 3 receptions for 25 yards and a fumble not 3 receptions for 15 yards and a fumble. This would give him 1 more fantasy point. In my case (and perhaps others) this is a very important fantasy point. I have no idea why the stats currently give him only 15 yards, he had 25, you can see it on the game film? It might have been a typo or keyboard error. I presume this will be changed by the stats update but if they miss it and it is material, you should inform your commish, it is indisputable that he had 25 yards receiving, we can all see it on the tape.
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