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  1. I did it steady for a few months, then fell off. I liked it when I was doing it. I wasn't under any specific stress and so can't speak as to whether it was useful to reduce stress. I believe that it would be helpful for me if I could stick with it. I've never heard/read anything negative about doing it. I expect that it's benefits are similar to other forms mantra meditation, though I haven't tried any other types of meditation. The TM process is so easy - maybe that's why it's popular and expensive (or maybe it's just marketing).
  2. I've done it; wish I had the dedication to stick with it. It's incredibly simple to do. The $1250 fee is outrageously high - but it is designed so that people who can afford it supplement the free teaching offered by the various teachers and the TM community - for instance, they are teaching TM to veterans who suffer PTSD for free, and they also have lower costs for those with lower income (they don't verify income, it's the honor system). My TM instructor (a friend) was taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - the same master that taught the Beatles. Because she's my friend, I was able to le
  3. I agree with the above post. It’s a really good fast food burger. But you can wait for it.
  4. I had the same results as @Boston Fred re eating extra when I had earned it through exercise, but still losing weight because I stayed under the daily calorie limit. At the same time, I think @DA RAIDERS is right that it’d be best to adjust my portions and daily calorie intake so I naturally eat my daily calorie limit and feel satisfied, without having to rely on eating the extra calories gained by exercise - seems like a better long term plan in case, in the future, I stop (or can’t) exercise.
  5. Thanks for the responses about my 30 min vs 3 x 10 min calorie burn. I usually don't stop during a 30 min run, but there's some days where I'm not feeling it and want to quit after 20 min. On those days, I guess it can't hurt to post another 10-15 min run later in the day anyway (to be sure I make up for any difference in calorie expenditure).
  6. Question for the group: Setting aside any benefits related to cardiovascular or muscular improvement, and only thinking about calories burned, is there any difference between an uninterrupted 30 minute run versus a set of three 10 minute runs separated by a rest period?
  7. I'm in on this challenge. I was in this thread a year ago and lost about 35 lbs counting calories and using the Lose It app. Last year I stopped counting calories and gained back half the weight. I'm 5'11", 195lbs. When I first started counting calories, I was 220lbs. I restricted myself to under 1650 cal/day (often times less than 1500) and it took me 3.5 months to drop 35lbs. The infuriating thing is that, once you diligently count calories for a month or two, you get a very good idea of what is too many calories/day and will cause you to gain weight. So, even though I knew I was eati
  8. Saw it with my 14yo daughter and we both liked it. Another fun Marvel origin story. Top half Marvel movie for me, and that puts it ahead of some good superhero movies.
  9. What’s your comfortable daily carb intake? Do you try for a certain number of IF days/week? How many? Are they always 24+ hours?
  10. I'm down 37lbs since Sep 21 using CICO. I use the Lose It app, and (looking back) can see that I averaged about 1450 calories/day for the first few months, then since the holidays, I've been closer to 1700 calories/day. The majority of my weight loss was 4Q 2018. I'm near my goal weight, and even though CICO has been successful for me, I'm starting to worry that Fung is correct, and when I resume normal eating (2,000 calories/day) I'll gain weight because I slowed my metabolism. Going forward, I plan to exercise portion control and allocation of calories (meaning that if I plan on eating a
  11. 9/21 - 220lbs 12/19 - 193lbs Doing CICO - eating an average of 1700 cal/day, plus 30 min. on elliptical (medium intensity) about 3x/week (and walking the dog). Shooting for 185lbs Guys - don't let the holidays get you off track this year. You've had plenty of years of holiday gluttony, let this year be different and roll through the holiday while losing weight.
  12. I watched the first two videos by Dr. Fung and I still don't know exactly what he's proposing for a daily/weekly eating habits. Am I supposed to fast for X hours, then eat, then repeat? Am I supposed to avoid all refined sugar and sugar substitutes? Watching those videos did confirm for me that I really don't know what the correct answer is regarding weight loss. My CICO method (which Dr. Fung trashes) is working great - 3 months in and I'm down 25 lbs. The NEAT approach described in the Dr. Fung thread sounds like it would work - though that kind of personality change seems to be a d
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