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  1. Is anybody here familiar with the Damien Hirst NFT sales? Link. I bought one of these (lottery winner) and now I can't figure out how to get the NFT into my MetaMask wallet (or even if that's where it's supposed to be). I'd be grateful for any help on ensuring that my NFT is safe and in my wallet, and also curious as to what people think will happen with the Hirst experiment. If you don't want to read the article - Hirst is a famous artist who created 10k unique pieces of physical art and an accompanying NFT for each piece. He sold the rights to the art piece or the matching NFT for $2k each. But after 1 year, you must choose to either keep the physical art (and lose the NFT), or keep the NFT (in which case the physical art will be destroyed). He wants to see where the art world believes the value lies - in physical art or NFTs.
  2. @cashman88defeats @bostonfred GG. I mistakenly played black, instead of white. if that matters, we can do it over.
  3. Because we only have 8 days, we feel that we have choose between seeing Galilee/Haifa area or seeing Eliat/Jordan (Petra). So far, we're choosing Petra, but I'm open to being convinced otherwise if northern Israel is not to be missed.
  4. Kids are adult(ish) - 24, 21, 18, 17 and 16
  5. I'm planning a trip to Israel this December; hoping that covid travel restrictions are lifted by then. Calling on the FFA to see if anyone has any tips or recommendations for the trip. Our current plan is a couple of days in Tel Aviv, 4 days in Jerusalem and surrounding areas, and then a 2 day trip to Eliat (with a day trip into Petra too). It's a short trip and we'll be cramming in lots of site seeing in a relatively short time. Thanks in advance.
  6. I did it steady for a few months, then fell off. I liked it when I was doing it. I wasn't under any specific stress and so can't speak as to whether it was useful to reduce stress. I believe that it would be helpful for me if I could stick with it. I've never heard/read anything negative about doing it. I expect that it's benefits are similar to other forms mantra meditation, though I haven't tried any other types of meditation. The TM process is so easy - maybe that's why it's popular and expensive (or maybe it's just marketing).
  7. I've done it; wish I had the dedication to stick with it. It's incredibly simple to do. The $1250 fee is outrageously high - but it is designed so that people who can afford it supplement the free teaching offered by the various teachers and the TM community - for instance, they are teaching TM to veterans who suffer PTSD for free, and they also have lower costs for those with lower income (they don't verify income, it's the honor system). My TM instructor (a friend) was taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - the same master that taught the Beatles. Because she's my friend, I was able to learn TM without having to pay the fee - but that is very rare in the TM community. Most instructors stick with the company policy of not teaching the method for free (or even a small donation). My friend believes that the the Maharishi would have been appalled at the cost they are charging for the course right now.
  8. I agree with the above post. It’s a really good fast food burger. But you can wait for it.
  9. Looks like Trump is going to focus on Dominion and creating a criminal investigation Sidney Powell
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